Ugly polygon "babes" of yesteryear

Mikel Reparaz of GamesRadar US writes:

"3D games, as a rule, don't age well. The games of the last couple console generations might have been awesome for their time, but take a look at them now and it's hard to see them as anything other than jaggy abortions in which cardboard rectangles masquerade as limbs. And as if that weren't embarrassing enough, most of those games contain female characters who, in their day, were genuinely considered sexy. So much so that an entire generation of gamers wasted hours scouring the internet for mythical "nude codes."

Now, though… it's not so much that we no longer want to see these characters naked as that we wouldn't want to be in the same city where they were naked. As badly as their games have aged, these former sex symbols have it worse, going from objects of desire to terrifying box-monsters with creepy heads and pyramid breasts. In the name of embarrassing everyone who lusted after them and mortifying everyone who didn't, we've rounded up a selection of these sad creatures and put them on display."

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Myst3443d ago

Jeez this list takes you back a while looking at those pictures at least..