Sixthaxis Exclusive: PS3 To Pick Up 360 Title

Nofi of TheSixthAxis: "Whilst we can't reveal any specifics right now, we can now reveal that the PlayStation 3 will play host to a popular 360 favourite. The title, which has to remain under wraps with us for the time being, will be released towards the end of the year. We've been promised more information in roughly a month's time, at which point we'll be able to share the specifics, first.

Our contact has also let us know that the studio will have other exciting news to share soon enough. Note that we can not talk about this further at this stage.

Have a good weekend."

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himdeel3442d ago

...a few games come to mind but I don't expect this to be an epic announcement. Rumors and unicorns FTW!

lociefer3442d ago

its mass effect , ea will def make it for ps3

Christopher3442d ago

Yeah, I'm thinking (praying) it's Mass Effect as well. With BioWare making Dragon Age and all future console releases on the PS3 and 360, getting Mass Effect 1 and 2 on the PS3 seems like a no brainer. I own it on the 360 but would definitely pick it up on the PS3, my console of choice.

marinelife93442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

Mass Effect probably. I hope they fix all the issues first.

StanLee3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

It's probably Braid. Jonathan Blow had hinted to working on a PS3 version of the game a while ago on his blog.

DragonWarrior_43442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

I was just thinking that after watching the new trailer from last nights G4tv episode. That would be great for everyone, maybe get existing ps3 owners access to awesome games. The ps3 needs this. This alone would give Dragon Age Origins some cred.

talltony3442d ago

that its a mass effect 1 port before the end of the year. And it will get Mass effect 2 next year.

Syronicus3442d ago

Hopefully they shortened the elevator rides and got rid of the frame rate issues.

leila013442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

Microsoft isn't publishing Splintercell, so it could be that.
Or Mass Effect (with a different name, since Microsoft published the X360 version).
Can't be Left 4 Dead 2 either coz Microsoft, again (I heard) is publishing the X360 version. Guys correct me if I'm wrong.

joydestroy3442d ago

Mass Effect 2 or Splinter Cell Conviction would be nice. i just wanna get rid of my 360 lol

IaMs123442d ago

Why does everyone think it will be a huge retail game? Im not saying its not but i mean common havent you people figured it out lately "BIG" popular stuff includes PSN and XBLA. I wouldnt be surprised if that Shadow game Cliffy boy is working on is going to PSN too. But also think what game is being released this year that we know of had rumors of PS3? ME 2 is next year, so ill give you ME1 if at all ME news. And those saying Splinter cell they have already stated it wont reach other plateforms even at E3 i think they said this. Anyways hope for the best and watch ill probably be eating my words here soon so dont worry PS3 boys :)

GameGambits3442d ago

Mass Effect
The Last Remnant(finally?)
Star Ocean: The Last Hope
Lost Odyssey(Hella outdated though so I doubt it)

Those 4 come to mind.

Consoldtobots3442d ago

It's Dead Rising....

GI had a huge article on Dead Rising 2 coming to PS3 along with screenshots.

coolfool3442d ago

that no one cares about I bet!

Syronicus3442d ago

Never even thought about Dead Rising 2 but yeah, I could dig on that. The first one was great on the 360 so I would be willing to give #2 a go on the PS tripple.

phosphor1123442d ago

another ME2 that is also bundled with ME1? It would fit on bluray, so why not?

sonarus3442d ago

Mass effect if true isn't releasing for PS3 at the end of the yr. I doubt its mass effect thats too big of an exclusive my guess is something like GTA DLC

andron3442d ago

So it can't be them...

Christopher3442d ago

I hope it's not Dead Rising 2 considering it's already been announced for the 360 and PS3.

IdleLeeSiuLung3442d ago

Ohhh, how the times have changed when we see the PS3 stealing Xbox 360 exclusives!

I will be interested to see what title it is and glad games are shared more and more. Just more to choose from for everyone!

locos853442d ago

I bet it's a PSN game like Braid or Geometry Wars. If it was a large retail game they would had said a 360 exclusive not just a 360 favorite.

Sarcasm3442d ago

Don't get your hopes up too much. It's probably just braid. Which isn't a bad thing considering it was very highly rated.

Poopface the 2nd3442d ago

ME 2 is next year. It may be mass effect 1, but we would probably hear about that by now. I have a feeling its something lame.

Beast_Master3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

If it is Splinter Cell, I will be licking the tears of all the 360 fanboys! lol jk. I hope it is L4D, Splinter Cell or ME. Although it is probably Dead Rising 2 which I thought was confirmed for PS3 but if it isn't confirmed, it is the worst kept secret in gaming.

or other underwhelming annoucements include:

Castle Crashers
Ninja Blade
Shadow Complex

@ above. I think some are speculating Mass Effect 1 will be released in the fall, then that would mean a Port of ME 2 would be almost certain, probably holiday 2010. Seeing as how there has been a bunch of news coming from Bio-Ware about "EA owns Mass Effect" and "We like developing for PS3".

FamilyGuy3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

It's either going the be:
Mass Effect
Some arcade/psn game
Some SquareEnix game.

Some (unknown to be) Timed Exclusive has timed out.
I want Star Ocean: The Last Hope

ChozenWoan3442d ago

We know that they want it to be the "Definitive Racing Sim this Generation!" and what better way than to port it to PS3 to compete Directly with GT5. With it being a Multiplatform game it can get twice as many sells as GT5 just due to the fact that many people would get it just to be able to compare the two games on the same system/setup. It's a can't lose situation for everyone. ;P

princejb1343442d ago

mass effect or gears 3 for ps3=]

QuackPot3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

I'm fracken sick and tired of getting unreadable disk error when playing Gears2 on my 360 and needing to clean and reboot.

menoyou3442d ago

Most likely Mass Effect. Even though I don't find this game that great, it would be the best stolen exclusive for the PS3 and its gamers.

cyberwaffles3442d ago

mass effect would be pretty sweet.

Traveler3442d ago

While I think there is a very good chance that Mass Effect will come to the PS3, I don't think that is what this is. It will be interesting to find out.

N4Flamers3442d ago

Mass Effect. The reason I say this is because they stated that ME2 will have a different experience based on what you did in the first game, so since there is no first game on ps3, why not put one out.

Megatron083442d ago

Unnamed sources told me that 5 of the ps3 biggest exclusives will be coming to the 360. While I cant reveal any details or who these sources are.

See how easy that works. its a shame all the slow witted fanboys click on these sites that make up rumors like crazy and even buy into them. Till they show some proof they are just another site making up rumors HHG style cause they cant get the scoop on any real gaming news.

cmrbe3442d ago

that i am a die hard PS3 fan but to be honest i want ME franchise to stay on the x360. I want Bioware to do the best they possibly can with ME with the x360 without thinking about the PS3.

I have always maintain my stance on console exclusives. We really really need more of them.

In any case. PS3 fans can still play it on the PC like i will even if it comes on the PS3.

Microsoft Xbox 3603442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

Anything but Mass Effect please. I don't what that overrated trash on the PS3.

Montreafart3442d ago

What you gonna do when big bad PS3 comes for you?

waltercross3442d ago

It's Halo just under a different name /sarcasm

InfectedDK3442d ago

Actually, now I think its Left 4 Dead!

edgeofblade3442d ago

The fecal matter of a male bovine, says I.

LONEWOLF2313442d ago

Look at you people...........its funny how many of you bashed Splinter Cell,Mass Effect and the Halo titles to high hell and now you guys are actually praying for those titles to hit the PS3?? You guys are fickle more so than a woman. Next time make sure not to bash a game cause your words will come back and bite your ***! Its as they say, "The fish dies by the mouth" and many if not all of you are already getting Reeled in!

pain777pas3442d ago

Mass Effect 1 I know it. PS3 will not get 2 until like 6-12 months after the 360 release. But I have a good feeling its ME1 for sure.

JL3441d ago

I always love when people do stuff like what LONEWOLF just did there: taking what others have said in the past and applying to everybody only to later throw that back in their face and make them "eat those words" when it wasn't even the people that said it in the first place, just he lumps anybody who likes PS3 into a collective, that shows fanboyism doesn't it.

In other words, I'll sit here and say that I'd like to see ME1 or Conviction be announced as the "stolen game". I've said nothing but good things about those games (especially Conviction), even going so far as to say I'd love to see those come over to PS3 so I can play them. In all actuality, ME1 does seem the more likely scenario. Though if that happens, it's practically guaranteed that ME2 is coming to PS3 at some point too.

Just because MS is publishing a game for their console, doesn't mean they own the rights to that game or anything, so it's not impossible for another company to publish the PS3 version. Just like the Ghostbusters ordeal recently, and I know I just read about another game just the other day where there was speculation on a PS3 version coming, but they finally found a publisher for it (forget which game it was).

Like others, have mentioned though, wouldn't surprise me if this turned out to be something like Braid (not that that's bad, just not as big as say Conviction or ME). I hope it's not Geometry Wars though like others mentioned, as we already have Super Stardust.

pixelsword3441d ago

Or am I thinking of another game?

SkinBintin3441d ago

@ ChozenWoan

It's not going to be a Forza game. As much as I'd like to see a great franchise like that accessable to more people, it's not going to happen.

Forza games are made by Turn10.

From Wikipedia: Turn 10 Studios is a Redmond, Washington-based video game developer created internally by Microsoft Game Studios. The company develops racing games for Microsoft gaming consoles.


I wouldn't be surprised if it's a new installment of the PGR racing game series however. That would certainly go down as an Xbox favourite, with the original being the second biggest selling game on the original Xbox behind Halo: Combat Evolved.

ObviousTruth3441d ago

all this attention to an article that contains absolutely no news. only on n4g...

FarEastOrient3440d ago

I say Mass Effect, it is one of those games that I would pay $100 to get ME1 & 2 on the same BD and still be happy to sit it next to my Xbox 360 and PC versions.

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OgTheClever3442d ago

If I had to take a guess on what this game could be then I would say that Mass Effect seems the most likely at the moment.

TheHater3442d ago

same here. Knowing EA, I bet Mass Effect will make its way to the PS3 and Nintendo Wii. Hell they already have Mass Effect on the Cell Phone.

DevastationEve3442d ago

If it's talking about this year, then it's not ME 2. It could be the original ME though, which actually would be nice. PS3 fans should be warned though: MGS4 will suddenly seem so archaic after you've played ME.

Traveler3442d ago

How would Mass Effect make MGS4 feel archaic? I own both games and they are both super amazing games, but I think MGS4 is the better game overall.

How can you really compare them directly though? One is an RPG and one is a stealth action game. The stories told in each game were both fantastic in their own ways.

From a technical perspective MGS4 was much more polished than Mass Effect. The later game was plagued with screen tearing, texture pop-in and slow down. MGS4, on the other hand, had no screen tearing or pop-in and only minimal slow down (mostly during big battles).

So, I still don't see how Mass Effect would make MGS4 feel archaic.

DevastationEve3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

I've always considered Metal Gear Solid an rpg as well, even though it's Mass Effect that's listed under that genre. In truth, they're BOTH third person shooters with an excellent story. But Mass Effect is more involving. Sure, that could possibly be because it's an rpg. But aren't you "playing" the "role" of Solid Snake in MGS as well?

What defines "rpg"? Is it leveling up and experience? In MGS Snake's life gauge would extend after each successful boss battle. Mass Effect and Metal Gear Solid are both "shooter-centric rpgs", the exception being that MGS has always been defined as a stealth action game. There's a sniper riffle in Mass "stealth" isn't a genre, it's a play-mechanic.

There's a party of characters in Mass Effect, again does THAT make it more rpg than MGS? In MGS there are various NPC characters that you contact and communicate with. How about Parasite Eve, there were no other party members than Aya, so...? If you want to say that MGS4 and Mass Effect are incompatible that's fine with me. But if you see it the right way, they are VERY compatible. And that's why I compare the two.

The formula is "involvement". And if Mass Effect keeps the player more "involved" than in MGS4, then it's a better game in my opinion.

mistajeff3441d ago

That's what I thought too. Though after mulling it over all day, I'm starting to think Dead Rising.

Greysturm3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

Your definition of rpgs is quite nonsensical cause the things that you say define rpgs are applied across all games and all games are not rpg.Helalth bars are pretty much a standard in the industry by your definition all shooters are rpgs since they all have a health bar, and most platformers by that matter as well.

Games are defined by their playing mechanic, platformers for jumping on platforms, survival horror for limited ammo, "creepy" games, shooters for well games who only involved shooting and in all of them you play a role, you play as mario in mario bros, you play as master chief in halo etc. The thing that defines an rpg is a numerical based level up system.

Ps. Mass effect only had one thing from preventing it from being archaic and it was its Action/rpg balance everything else bioware have done to death. While Mgs rebalanced and reinvented the gameplay formula albeit not the convoluted storyline. So in general one would feel the other way around after playing mgs4 mass effect might seem archaic.

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Pennywise3442d ago

Let the speculation begin!

Rhythmattic3442d ago

There it is...... BAM !!!

Defectiv3_Detectiv33442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

I just hope it isn't Mass Effect. That game is boring as hell. I'd happily take Gears though, as long as the sequel is actually good, unlike Gears2.

Don't need L4D either, have more fun w/ Nazi Zombies.

InfectedDK3442d ago

First I said it was Mass Effect, but now I'm pretty sure it is Left 4 Dead. 110% sure.

thunder3441d ago

Does it really matter? At the end of the year we will ALL be playing Modern Warfare 2. Not to many people will will stray from that game unless its a RPG like Fable or Mass Effect. But that wont happen because MS owns them.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33441d ago

They haven't officially anounced a sequel yet! Kinda weird, they've been talking about it lately, about how its going to RPG elements and all, but as of right now, MS's big fall release is Halo Reach. Are they really going to wait 3 yrs to release Gears 3????

rawd3441d ago

Yawn, I really can't see any 360 exclusive that I actually would get excited for. Gears meh, Mass Effect mehhhhhh, L4D snooze

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DeforMAKulizer3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

PSN-wise i expect Braid, or Geometry Wars...
Retail-wise i smell a Mass Effect multiplatform announcement with all the recent love for the PS3 from Bioware...
Both make sense on the recent news side... Mainly because Bioware must have announcements regarding Dragon Age, and Bizarre must have some announcement regarding Blur..
Cologne and TGS will be rocking with mega announcements!!!!
Rumor/Teaser FTW!


isn't geometry wars already on psn ?

my guess would be ME1 coming out end of year, with the announcement that 2 will also be out on the system or.. .or...

i can't think of any others.

DeforMAKulizer3442d ago

Geo Wars is still an XBLA exclusive title... But i remember reading a rumor long ago that it would be heading to PSN, but that was coupled with a TGS 2008 announcement of KH 3 (which we all know didnt happen)...
So im going with, as you said, ME 1 this year with all DLC and the usual treats, and a fully multiplatform simultaneous release of ME 2 next year, same as with Bioshock...

JL3441d ago

I wouldn't say Geometry Wars. Or I guess I'd rather hope not. We already have Super Stardust, we don't need Geometry Wars. Braid seems like a logical choice though.

PirateThom3442d ago

The only popular games with any kind of chance I can think of are Mass Effect and Left 4 Dead.

I'd be shocked if it's something like Gears of War, which is unlikely.

It'll probably be Star Ocean 4 or UNO or something ridiculous.