God-awful trouble for Sony

Sony's God of War series has always pushed the boundaries of Australia's classification system with its over-the-top violence.

The first game in the series also contained a sex mini-game that was arguably more raunchy than anything that got Rockstar into hot coffee.

But God of War III looks like it could test the limits of Australia's MA15+ rating even further, with its violence and gore now presented in dazzling high-definition thanks to the PlayStation 3.

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double_heist3445d ago

Well... There's always an option to import it.

inbfour3444d ago

But I'm sure that the parliament will want to play this game so badly that they will pass a law allowing it in.

mastiffchild3444d ago

Any ssies I know say that it's a MS sronghold down there anyway. Plus if the Japanese heads at Sony can't find the EU what hope do thjey have of a decent Sony territory service? Someone told me they use the SCEE stuff there but I refuse to believe it-I mean why?

Also it's odd that a nation built largely on covicts from the UK would be so violence and sex sensitive. Kangaroos box and have sex too you know! Give the Aussies decent games with some bloody freedom. Censorship is the new bastion for thiose lowlifes who, in another life, would be clamouring for a place in the 3rd Reich. God, what is it with people wanting to control us all the time? Why aren't we allowed to make up our own minds?

Anmd just cos a games HD does NOT make it any more real. No, that's why they're still called games. I can't see GOW3 spawnng a generation of Aussie Kratos' rampaging H&S style through Sydney and the outback-I believe we're safe from that. Or did the whole nation turn criminality and vice mad post GTA? Have I missed that?

meepmoopmeep3444d ago

do they know about the "sex scene" QTE's in the games?

anyway, i blame microsoft!

Maddens Raiders3444d ago

a God awful title to a nearly negligible "problem".

hits, hits, hits!

Hellsvacancy3444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

I luv violence (in videogames i DO know the difference)

I remember the 1st time i played The Warriors (Ps2) the game was nuts its felt SOOOO satisfying smashin a brick in2 1 of the Base Ball Furys faces lol or when u can smash there face in2 the ground - WOW that was an amazin game i wonder if i still got it *DONT STUPID B STUPID ADAM OF COURSE U HAV*

Traveler3444d ago

God of War is the hardest of the hardcore games. It's unfortunate if that results in some governments trying to censor it.

The Killer3444d ago

"God, what is it with people wanting to control us all the time? Why aren't we allowed to make up our own minds? "

why should slaves be free to make their minds??? did someone told u u r free????

u r being controlled since u r watching Disney at 3 years old!!!! so basically their first control is cartoons then the rest of the different types of media which u get ur info and build ur perspective of the world and humanity and why u exist.

Information Minister3444d ago

Where it reads "God-awful trouble for Sony", it should read "God-awful trouble for Australian gamers".

talltony3444d ago

Australia doesnt get it. This game will sell so well it doesnt even matter. I hope sony lets it all come out in this new God of war. I want all the blood and gore that they can fit on a bluray. Cant wait for this game, It will be game of the year 2010, yes I am calling it already.

hermie3444d ago

The Warriors was good fun, I still play it on occasion. Got the feel of the movie down pretty well too, and you can't complain with several of the original voice actors doing the in-game voices. The violence and cussing was great as well

Immortal Kaim3444d ago

I find it amusing that people claim because Australia was settled by convicts, that we must inherently love violence/sex/crime...? Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you do realise America was flooded with some 50,000 convicts, send to various states as part of the British colony during the 17th century.

Anyway, the only reason this game will/might get banned is because games, unlike other forms of media, has a maximum rating of MA15+. So anything that may be too explicit for anyone above 15 years old, will be refused classification. This is purely bias/misunderstanding about games as media. Hell, our TV shows are a lot more candid than US ones, which are really conservative in regards to sex and language.

BkaY3444d ago

mate "the warriors" on ps2 is my all time fav game....

i lost the count after finishing it 23rd time.... lolzzz.

i have it on psp as well .....

lov the "ajax and swan" finishing moves..

aaaaaaahhhhhh gotta play that again...

cheers bro...

on topic.... i live in aus .... but i remember dark sector was ban in here but now i can see it on the shelves of jb hifi and ebgames...
well as someone said it above that "we have the option on import"

peace and keep on gaming

JL3444d ago

@Immortal Kaim
lol I was about to say the same thing. I'm American, but was going to say I guess it's the same thing as how USA was settled by those trying to escape religious persecution. Now today,ran by bible thumping up-tight fanatics (where you're persecuted if you don't follow the christian way--not like legal ramification type of persecution, but ya know). By the way I will agree too on the criminals thing, but it was for the most part "debtors". So we went from a bunch of impoverished type people to a country that's really consumer-centric and materialistic. If you look at other examples, it always seems the country tends to turn out to be the opposite of what they started as. Maybe a kinda shaking-the-stigma type thing? I don't know.

On topic: I hate censorship. And that does suck that MA15 or whatever is the highest you can go over there, cause that's just blatant censorship when a game just gets banned if it can't meet that mark. At least here if you exceed that "acceptable threshold" then there's still a rating to fall under and they can't rightfully censor you (though most times thing do get censored to meet those ratings, just because publishers don't want a game rated AO). Does suck too, cause I wish more games really were beyond that threshold and focused for Adults Only and made as such.

GVON3444d ago

Nothing gets a game exposure like some news papers kicking off about the violence (they will) followed by the mothers complaining that they give their kids violent games.No matter how big a fanboy,everyone will want a piece of this game,just so they can see it.

TheReaper423444d ago

I guess they can make a toned down version for those areas and we get the Director's cut serie :) Probably will replace helios head with a torch or something for those censored countries.

jessupj3444d ago

I'm not surprised by my stupid, stuck in the past, out dated government that thinks only children play games. It makes my blood boil. After I saw the 'head rip' scene I knew immediately the unknowledgable, arrogant, unprofessional government rating system. Because that's what they are when they're going to do this; unprofessional.

And sure enough, it's happening. It's somewhat of a moot point because of course I'll just import and play the game how it was supposed to be played at the same time giving the finger to the communist dictatorship Australian government. This is honestly a violation of my basic human rights. They need a good stab in the face.

theEnemy3444d ago

Australia =/= Whole World.

The Mikester3444d ago

this isn't god awful, it's just Austrailia, everywhere else seems to except the violence and gore. also there aren't that many people living in Austrailia so there aren't that many PS3s. This means that really...Sony will be unaffected by this. either that or Sony will affected just a little bit.

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Trey4Lyfe3444d ago

Where at least I know im free

but heres hoping that our friends down under can get this game, except for the poor bots.

Poor Bots

Daver3444d ago

Americans? and free? that sounds weird in the same sentence lol just kidding theres countries worst

GameOn3444d ago

The only truly free people in this world are those who live in a hut, in the jungle and don't pay taxes or live by rules set down by any one except themselves.

RememberThe3573444d ago

you need laws and limitations. Otherwise, like GameOn said, you're living in a hut by yourself.

Dark General3444d ago

Home of violence and Silicon tits.

TheBand1t3444d ago

Nah, Europeans were killing each other off long before we were a nation.

Silicone tits were originally used by Japanese prostitutes after WWII. (Seriously, google silicone tit origins)

mrv3213444d ago

Well if they passed Viagra quickly without proper trails because they found it awsome I'm sure this would be no different.

beavis4play3444d ago

it's a day one purchase for me, here in the states.