BioShock 2's third developer revealed

As if 2K Marin and Digital Extremes weren't enough to get BioShock 2 out before Christmas, a third developer has been thrown into the mix in the form of Dark Messiah creator Arkane Studios.

"In the past we've been working closely with 2K Australia for our tech needs and Digital Extremes for our robust multiplayer experience. Today I'm proud to say that we've added another important developer to the mix," 2K Marin producer, Alyssa Finely said on Arkane's website.

"Under the direction and leadership of 2K Marin, Arkane is assisting in the creation of levels that embody the aesthetic and gameplay ideals that make BioShock such a unique and exciting experience."

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Pandamobile3446d ago

Nice! Arkane are great developers. They'll do wonders with the level design of Bioshock 2.