Final Fantasy on PS3 and Xbox 360 Details

Reports are coming out stating that Square could be working on a brand new Final Fantasy MMO which could be multiplatform meaning that it would be not only on the PlayStation 3, but also the Xbox 360 and the PC as well.

This news comes from an interview with Sage Sundai, the Global Online Producer of Square. He stated that the next Final Fantasy from Square Enix would likely be on other consoles besides the PS3.

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Sexius Maximus4133d ago

The next Final Fantasy MMORPG has been confirmed for Vista and Xbox 360, while a PS3 version is still up in the air. Spoken from the mouth of Square Enix producer Hiromichi Tanaka.

BlackIceJoe4133d ago

I was going to say the same thing. The new MMO game has been known for some time. I just wonder if this is the game SE is talking about when they say FFXIII will not only be on the PS3. Because if it is to me this is not that great of news I would take a real RPG over a MMO game any day. Just so I do not make MMO fans mad I am not saying MMO's suck just I prefer RPG's over MMORPG's.

shotputking4133d ago

this mmo has been confirmed already... and it's also been confirmed that it's NOT a final fantasy mmo... so this is something totally different.

DJ4133d ago

they looked really good, and I'm pretty sure it's going to be great. As far as I know it's also on PS3. I wonder if Square's going to upgrade their PlayOnline servers though.

ThaGeNeCySt4133d ago


shotty4133d ago

I want them to take a Free approach to MMO, ok atleast have 2 tiered service where the lower 1 is free. This is the only way to sustain a population large enough to make the MMO work.

DaTrooF4133d ago

but as far as i know,it will come to ps3,360,and pc.
i think both FF13 and vs 13 will stay ps3 exclusive.while the other 4
that are part of the Fabula Nova series will be on the 360 and wii.
have fun mmorpg gamers:)

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The story is too old to be commented.