Don't worry, Battlefield isn't going 'kiddy' - EA

Kikizo writes: "BF 1943 Lead Producer says that Bad Company 2 will focus more on single player, further remakes possible.

Battlefield 1943 Lead Producer Patrick Liu has told Kikizo that the Battlefield franchise may "focus down again to the core" following its flirtation with the lighter, more accessible kinds of gameplay offered in Battlefield Heroes."

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Edwin853415d ago

If by "kiddy" they mean "easy to get into, features bright colours, available for free" then I think Battlefield should be MORE kiddy, damn it.

perseus3415d ago

I don't know about Heroes, but if "more kiddy" means like BF1943, I'm all for it. I play pretty much every FPS I can, and I haven't had fun playing an FPS in a long time.

BF1943 is fun.

Cerberus21253415d ago

I love what was done in Battlefield Vietnam,if they can take that and improved on it that'll be great.

sak5003415d ago


Agreed loved BF:V. In fact i had commented the same earlier in another news.

dirigiblebill3415d ago

I think BF1943 is fun but you still need the more heavyweight stuff like BC to balance it out

perseus3415d ago

Absolutely. BC is also a great game, though it has some problems. I think the BC1 was just a test bed to see if Frostbite would work, so they didn't really try and make it perfect. Kind of like Mirror's Edge: great idea, but not a perfect execution.

Now that they've shown it's good, they'll put more resources into making BC2 awesome. I might even get back into PC gaming just to take advantage of the mods that will come out.

dirigiblebill3415d ago

Yeah, I'd second that. The thing they really need to crack is the single player. BC was a great multiplayer game, the frostbite stuff really brought something to classic Battlefield imo, but the single player mode needed either much better scripting or much better AI.

perseus3415d ago (Edited 3415d ago )

Yeah. I'm kind of glad there wasn't any SP-DLC because I would have bought it, but I probably wouldn't have enjoyed it. MP was excellent, but I just can't get away from the fact that I love the planes in BF. I wish we were able to fly the A-10's (EDIT: in BC2's videos), but I'm guessing they are just like the 1943 bombers.

I am very much looking forward to BC2, and also to more DLC for 1943. Same thing again (three maps, new weapons, new vehicles), and I will buy it for sure.

sak5003415d ago

@drigi so something cant' u guys have simpler names?

Anyway, I belive BC's single player was much better than COD4s. NOt talking about the script or execution but the gameplay. I completed it twice even at the hardest difficulty it was not as frustrating as COD4. I mean you dint have to fight super soldiers where they could spot you miles away and will keep coming out of the blues till you cross certain point. I think if they can polish BC2 more it would give COD6 a run for its money.

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Pandamobile3415d ago

I wish BF had some blood. I never liked it in BF2 when you'd shoot someone and instead of blood, you get a cloud of dust.

free2game3653415d ago

BC2 doesn't offer anything for series veterans, it's just a shooter meant to appeal to the halo audience.

evrfighter3415d ago

cant argue that. I was left underwhelmed when I played Bad Company on my brothers 360. Did not feel like a battlefield game...

MGOelite3415d ago

how do you explain infinite ammo and regenerating health then?

sak5003415d ago

Its an arcade title for God's sake. Do you want a 500mb game which is a simplified online only shooter (ala 1942) without bothered about health and ammo packs or you want for your 15$ a 6-7gb game with 12maps a single player campaign and a multiplayer one as well?

GIJeff3415d ago

this is the lamest idea ive ever heard. keep battlefield multiplayer only. bad company was crap single player. who buys BF games for the single player? thats so weak.

GIJeff3415d ago

and if the server loads are any indication, i would say 1943 is a smashing success, and will sell a lot more copies than bad company. so, im pretty sure this guy is a meth addict.

mrv3213415d ago

I really liked how cliche the story was, it wasn't these guys are bad because we say so aproach that EVERY fps has basically instead it's

You like gold
There's some gold
Get the gold

You didn't feel bad for shooting the enemy and the humour is wonderful, dark yet somehow so light hearted.

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