Jack Thompson Owns a PS3

PlayStation LifeStyle:
"While watching Penn and Teller's: Bull Shit!, a Showtime series about various topics that are about, well bull shit, I noticed this week's episode was on violence in video games (season: 7 episode: 3, 7 mins). Of course the infamous Jack Thompson was profiled and spouted his usual anti-video game violence babble. But I was shocked when I saw this right on my TV…"

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Sev2960d ago

He's like that Larry Craig guy. He was against rights for same-sex marriages, and very anti-gay. Then he was caught tapping toes in a bathroom stall.

Jack Thompson probably secretly has a huge stash of video games. Lets try and find out his PSN ID!!!

FunAndGun2960d ago

The hypocrites are always the most vocal.

Hellsvacancy2960d ago

He probably plays GtaIv on it

2960d ago
talltony2960d ago

The biggest hypocrite that ever lived!

andron6662960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

That he has to try and get it banned. It's the only way he'll get a life again...

gtafan2960d ago

Forgive my ignorance.

Sev2960d ago

Toe Tapping Reference =

I don't know what the actual term for what he did is.

StalkingSilence2960d ago

I know Jack Thompson's PSN ID. He just platinumed Hannah Montana.

LeonSKennedy4Life2960d ago

Bubbles for givin' an old seamate some hardy laughs...

FamilyGuy2960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

o were there any articles about this episode posted here on N4G? It was kinda a big deal for gamers at least

Information Minister2960d ago

@ 1.9

That was hilarious. + bubbles

AntoineDcoolette2959d ago

Since none of you seem to know Jack T does have a son who plays video games. I'm sure the kid is the one who uses the PS3 most often if Jack uses it at all.

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Pebz2960d ago

Of course he does, his irrational hate for games can only be explained by him being tea-bagged once too much in some online game.

DJ2960d ago

The hell is up with this guy? He hates games, but loves them??

LeonSKennedy4Life2960d ago

Calm down.

How can he know how bad these games are if he doesn't play them?

He's chilled out a bit lately.

He knows video games aren't inherently bad. It's just that parents do almost NOTHING to prevent their children from playing the bad games. My 8 year old isn't playing Grand Theft Auto. It's common sense really. I'd honestly appreciate less nudity in games myself.

AntoineDcoolette2959d ago

I'd personally prefer much more nudity in games myself. There doesn't seem to be enough.

kagon012960d ago

He probably uses it as a Blueray player...(maybe)

Sev2960d ago

Yeah, that is most likely. But you would think that as much as he hates video games, that he would have purchased a standalone Blu-Ray Player just to not support the gaming industry.

PirateThom2960d ago

I like to think, in some small way, Jack Thompson has funded developmemnt of God of War 3.

ps3gamerkyle2960d ago

Still, I love the irony in this situation. He probably loves playing GTA IV and other games.

Sev2960d ago

@ PirateThom,


TheReaper422959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

the PS3 sucks in the toughest critics. He prolly bought the PS3 because he just can't say NO to quality :)

He bought the PS3 for GT5 and Blu Ray.. true story.

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dragon822960d ago

This guy is just plain crazy!!!!