CVG : The Conduit review

Andy Robinson from CVG writes:

"Many Wii owners have been excitedly awaiting The Conduit, "a Wii game that looks like a 360 title" boasted the dev. Unfortunately, the final product is neither technically very impressive nor a particularly noteworthy shooter.

The premise has secret agent-type Mr. Ford (that's you) in a near future Washington DC, where he quickly uncovers a government conspiracy involving aliens, a secret agency known as 'The Trust' and begins shooting explosive barrels in the Pentagon. So far, so generic."

A generic, below-average first-person shooter experience marginally cushioned by robust online options.

* Solid, if unremarkable online mode
* Nice controls

* Mindless, target gallery shootouts
* Dull, lifeless environments
* Stupid AI
* Doesn't look like a 360 game

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akashifire3443d ago

Doesn't look like a 360 game?! How can someone say that about a Wii game?

Sangria3443d ago

Well, it has been described since the beginning as a 360/PS3 quality game, CVG is just answering to the hype.