Best Buy Not Kind Enough to Give a Reach Around

Loot Ninja writes:

"Now we all know that the Xbox 360 has it's share of problems, most notably the RROD (red ring of death). For some people it's very existence is a reason to never make a purchase. I can't blame them really. After all, Microsoft knew the problem existed and decided to push the system out anyway, which is complete and utter horseshit. But there has always been a bit of a contrast provided by various companies to offset this questionable practice. This contrast has taken the form of PRP (product replacement plans). For $50-$80, you can get a 2 year replacement plan to cover any reasonable damage of occurrence to your system.

Unfortunately, 2 years to a retailer has its own definition."

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drunkpandas3415d ago

They should clearly explain the end time for the replacement plan a little bit better. Boned hard.

Christopher3415d ago

So... complaining that they wouldn't service your item technically a day after you attempted to service it?

The service agreement details the amount of time in which you have to bring in the item to be serviced, not the amount of time it takes for it to break.

Honestly, it's just bad luck, but business-wise they're completely within their right to deny service since the person came in the day after the service agreement ended.

Businesses everywhere would uphold this standard.