Game Positive: Fight Night Round 4 Review

It is often natural to compare a sequel to the previous entry in the series in order to discuss its merits and shortcomings. In the case of Fight Night Round 4, the best comparison to be made is not towards its predecessor. Instead, the title with the most striking similarities seems to be another game of EA's, Skate. Skate introduced a new control scheme that completely revolutionized the skateboarding genre, resulting in an extremely fun and realistic skating sim. However, like Skate, the game around Fight Night Round 4's boxing mechanic is a bit weak, as the modes are skimpy and the methods of challenging the player still need tuning.

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Smootherkuzz3415d ago (Edited 3415d ago )

That's all I'm giving this game, the Graphics is great looking and gets a 5, the rest of the game needs a lot of care, I like round 3 much better as far as game play, in round 4 they tried to do some things that would have been great but came up just short, lets hope some patches or round 5 will come out soon.