EDGE: The Conduit Review

Nintendo is claiming that The Conduit might attract Halo fans to its console, but this game isn't fit to wait Master Chief's table. It is, however, a good argument for the abandonment of that pernicious and so often misleading label, 'hardcore'.

'Danger! High Voltage Software' shouts the developer's logo. On this evidence, it's a warning that should be taken seriously

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wiizy3443d ago

who pays attention to edge. i know not sony and xbox fanboys since they have recently cried about edge scores.

xtkxCracktheSkye3442d ago

Another game destroyed by the almighty Let's Fap, which earned an 8 on Edge.

GFahim3442d ago

yet another b/s review from edge

phosphor1123442d ago

Though I wouldn't have given it much of a higher score to be honest. It's a decent game, but just because its the best FPS "On the Wii" doesn't constitute it as a good game. The "on the Wii" excuse is stale, and having other things like "best graphics" on the Wii is a scapegoat. Black for Xbox looked better and frankly, I'm pretty upset that they pretty much ripped off the Grunts and Elites of Halo. Play the game, and you'll know what I mean. It's originality is around the 10 out of 100 scale.

I would have probably given it a 5, maybe 6 for Online mode. (though hit registry is really bad)

mastiffchild3442d ago

WEll, most sites and mags HAVE given The Conduit a higher score, but I'd trust you to be honest way before I'd trust Edge.

Look, like I ALWAYS say, Edge will take any given exclusive(preferably one which is important to fanboys but not one they'll lose readereship over-hence not too harsh on Gears or MGS)for any given console and mark it WAY lower than it's meta just for the controversy hits which helps sell ads. Pathetic is what it is and the last shred of credibilty washed away well before this predictably short sighted hatchet job.

It's sad only because some of the staff are decent writers but the fact is the very last reviewers you can trust are those who will always take the overly harsh route just to bolster site hits.

Well done you lot. You managed to wreck a once better than decent mag and site. Congrats you preuds-I'm just glad I'm not into your little elite clique in ANY way. You write about games and not politics and novels so cut the pretense and admit you have to do cack like these "reviews" just to help keep your jobs by generating hits dishonestly.

poopsack3442d ago

did nintendo actually ever claim Halo fans would go over to wii for this game? or is it edge with another load of crap?

table3442d ago

nintendo probably did... and with good cause!

callahan093442d ago

Yeah, chalk up another pretentious critique from Edge.

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The story is too old to be commented.