Eidos Seek 90% Score & Cover For Arkham Asylum In Exchange For Early Review

The RAM Raider:

Unlike RAM Raider's no-longer-regularly-updated blog, corruption in the games industry has so far failed to go into hibernation. In the week that Eidos has breathed its last, they've decided to go out with a bang by brazenly attempting to artificially hype up their forthcoming Arkham Asylum release.

Several mags have their review code already, but have to sit on their reviews until a hateful embargo expires at the end of the month. But Eidos, ever the helpful fellows that they are, have been offering a way around this embargo. If you dedicate the cover of your mag to Arkham Asylum and guarantee a score of at least 90%, Eidos will allow you to run the review early.

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SpoonyRedMage3445d ago

Wow not even subtle there guys...

yoghurt3445d ago

Ok, so why would we believe ''.....?

Ziriux3445d ago


Because it's on Kotaku.

Major_Tom3445d ago

Okay so the next step in that question is why should we believe in Kotaku?

Christopher3445d ago (Edited 3445d ago )

Honestly, just because it's posted online doesn't make it true. Especially if you're quoting Kotaku...

Edit: It's amazing how easily people believe things that are posting on the Web without any source or ability to verify said accusations.

Curious Orange3444d ago

Why should you believe RAM radier?

Well, because Rammy is a games journalist at Future in the UK who got so pissed off with the mutual masturbation society that is modern games journalism and created an anonamous blog to highlight some of the most unpleasant examples. Sadly, Rammy isn't often wrong when it comes to this stuff, because by posting it he's putting his livelhood on the line - if he was ever found out, he would be shafted, royally. Why would you risk your job for a bit of internet notoriety?

I havent played it yet, but people i have say that it's a decent and enjoyable game, its just same old Eidos bullshit - it's been a big year for them, what with the Tomb Raider underworld 'you can break the reviews embargo as long as it's above 8/10' PR that kicked off in January...

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Tottenhamtom3445d ago

reviews always have an agenda. full stop ! get over it

callahan093445d ago (Edited 3445d ago )

I thought Eidos was now called Square-Enix Europe?

EDIT: Oh, OK, I checked Wikipedia and according to that they are going to consolidate the Eidos offices and rename them Square-Enix Europe, and stop using the Eidos Interactive name, but not until after the consolidation.

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