The German Bundes Liga exclusive in FIFA 10

PS3-Sense writes; FIFA has the exclusive rights of the German Bundes Liga in their game FIFA 10. A big disappointment for Konami and their PES 2010. Hit the jump for more info.

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table3415d ago

sure they do. I havn't bought a footy game since PES4 because they wen't down hill after that. FIFA on the other hand feels like you are playing table football where the players and the ball both have a magnet in them. Theres just no freedom. Horrible gameplay mechanics. The old ISS games sh*t all over the modern FIFA for gameplay.

Automat3415d ago

i preferred TIF myself, too bad it's gone. however everybody knows fifa is the one soccer game to buy the last couple of years. you can even remove the magnet-feeling you dislike by going to settings and remove the helping 'autoaim'.... I bet your passes won't even hit your team-mates after that...

table3415d ago

TIF; I had the one with rio ferdinand on the front i think. Was pretty fun doing those reckless R2 challenges on the keeper lol. I havn't liked FIFA since their games in the 90's to tell you the truth.