Doom 3 mod 5.56mm Full Metal Jacket released

Developer Scared Pixel has announced the release of their multiplayer shooter 5.56mm Full Metal Jacket, now available for download.

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Major_Tom3420d ago

Wow.. Time to whip out my Doom 3 Cd install and play install this mod.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

The line fro the film Full Metal Jacket "7.62mm full metal jacket" because thats the caliber the military used for its rifles in Veitnam.

dgroundwater3420d ago

The standard issue in Vietnam was the newly introduced M-16, which uses the normal 5.56. The 7.62 round from the movie was in reference to a M-14, the rifle used after WWII and during the boot camp half of the movie.

Sorry for the picky correction but it's the truth.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3420d ago

M-16 is an assault rifle, I said "rifle"