Analyst reckons StarCraft II will join Singularity's delay into 2010

Activision is as pumped for Infinity Ward's release of Modern Warfare 2 as we fans, so much so that they are pushing back Singularity so it doesn't get hurt.

StarCraft II has been optimistically slated for a late '09 release, but with its beta already held up, and Acti left doubtless Modern Warfare 2 will over shadow everything, it too could see 2010.

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Daver3443d ago

thats stupid... Call of duty wont stop anyone who likes rts from buying starcraft
Wake up its JUST call of duty...

jakethesnake3443d ago

Yeah, that is some pretty silly speculation. It is one thing to delay the release a new IP that is in the same genre to protect its sales, its a whole other thing to delay something in a completely different genre that already has a huge fan base and has been eagerly anticipated for a few years. I would estimate that it wouldn't affect bottom line sales. Blizzard will release the game when it's ready and polished, not sit on it for a few months to *potentially* make a few more dollars. Doesn't add up.

IdleLeeSiuLung3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

I think it affcts more people like me who play both and big fan of both CoD:MW and Starcraft. Spending big $$$ on both games isn't happening and SC2 is going to be 3 games, one for each race!!! That is a lot of moola!

moe843443d ago

There hasn't been an official release date announced yet for Starcraft 2, so how is it being delayed? Blizz said they wanted a late '09 launch. That hardly counts as a confirmed date.