Nintendo, Sony and MS 'will never support OnLive'

The Big Three platform holders – Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo – will not support OnLive with their software, according to Gaikai founder David Perry.

"A pretty obvious difference between Gaikai and OnLive is the fact that they'll never have a Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft game on their system," Perry told Develop in an interview published today.

"OnLive is trying to directly compete with the platform holders," said Perry, speaking of the TV-tethered micro-console that OnLive can run on.

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Chris3993442d ago

With their own software and licensing fees? Kudos to OnLive for being the first to do this, but I doubt that they will be the last or the most successful - not by a long shot.

locos853442d ago

Good because I won't support On-Live. I prefer my games to be played from my home. Not of a server in a faraway land.

Syronicus3442d ago

Especially since OnLive is competition for the three companies? It's silly to think that OnLive will ever be a part of the three. They are competitors, not partners.

likedamaster3442d ago

"Why would they support OnLive...?
Especially since OnLive is competition for the three companies?"

-I agree. I would still get this service especially with what you can do, i.e. like watch others all over the world playing games, record gameplay, etc. Not a bad service actually, considering what it offers and the absurd amount of games coming out all at the same time. You could have played more than ten games in a month and would have only payed $50(supposing it's that much per month) opposed to roughly $600 if you were to buy all those games.

darthv723442d ago

you would think MS would be all over that. Yet they have their own streaming service coming to games soon. No doubt sony will offer something similar after observing the results. Nintendo just doesnt have the infrastructure in place to support a service (yet).

IdleLeeSiuLung3442d ago

OnLive gaming will be like how you deal with web hosting companies when your site goes down and it was running before and you didn't make any changes. The problem must be on your end!

That is why I will probably never support OnLive, I see no reason to support a service that is likely to be more laggy than the current model. Even though the multiplayer games could be hosted on OnLive server, the video stream and the input received is still likely to be worse than the current system. One interesting side benefit though is that cheating is probably harder.... Perhaps this would be the driving factor.

FamilyGuy3442d ago

Seems to me that OnLive competing more with "Games for Windows" than the console specifically.

SinnedNogara3442d ago

Why would Nintendo, Sony, or Microsoft support OnLive?? It is their competing console. It's like if Nintendo decided to put "Super Mario Galaxy" on PlayStation Store. It will never happen.

DeadlyFire3441d ago

I say OnLive will most likely stay out of console circuit for awhile. Although they did offer that they would partner with anyone. Unless someone new comes along. Microsoft might jump into it. You never know. Apple or EA could also partner up.

GaiKai will most likely be happy to join Nintendo and Playstation. As it is more of a freeish open type service. Even has Mario Kart with hopes for more games from other platforms. Said that Mods will be supported as well. Although must be created through the service as it would be saved on cloud service, but so far that is better than what I have heard about game mods for either of the other two services. GaiKai looks to be better out of the 3 so far.

OTOY service will most likely be ready for Microsoft to jump into. As it is the only service that has been Demoed with an Xbox 360 controller so far. So its very likely it could work on Xbox 360. Controller though could of just been testing thing. Might work with other controllers as well. Not much has been said about this service just yet. Just a few videos on Youtube. Also has videos on Youtube of some great graphics promised, but I don't know what that means if anything for their gaming service. They partnered with AMD for it I believe.

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belal3442d ago

onlive will nevvver be better than a console.

more people will buy console over an onlive system.

shiner3442d ago

I believe as recent as a few months ago, I heard MANY a MS/Sony fan saying their respective console will NEVER support motion controls.

SinnedNogara3442d ago

The thing is if you are a gamer with no Internet, and buy this thing (people who don't come here will) you will be SCREWED. Also if you have a crappy connection it will probably be laggy.

And the BIG first-party games won't be on the system either.

sam22363442d ago

I'm not surpried, OnLive is never going to work anyway.

BX813442d ago

Humph! Technology confuse Thag!!! Thag make fire keep meat-a-sorus at bay! Humph!

Major_Tom3442d ago

Perhaps online doesn't work for you, but it works out great for us people with fast internet.

sam22363442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

You do know that not everyone has fast internet, right? There's also two little things called lag and contention rate.

How are they going to stream a game like Crysis over the internet without it lagging like hell?

Seriously, OnLive is going to fail.

EDIT: And yes, they're using Crysis to market OnLive.

Xi3442d ago

or flushed packets?

How will online deal with these factors, specially with games that require percise timing.

Major_Tom3442d ago

Yes I do know not everyone has fast internet and that's why I ended my sentence the way I did.

If anything that is something more centered on competitiveness Xi not really that important in a single player game. By the way you can already try an example of OnLive it's more rudimentary but works under the same construct and it works whether you choose to believe it or not. With proper work being done OnLive can work great.

Don't be afraid of change.

Xi3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

Good look trying to play a game like DMC4 or streetfighter 4 or even assassins creed over onlive, half the time regular input with no lag still misses certain combinations or timing let alone what what will happen over a connection. And with games like dante's inferno, bayonetta, Castelvania, AC2 coming out it's not like there's only 1 game that might be affected.

And what about when the services or your provider are doing matainence and you're off line, you can't play any games.

Major_Tom3442d ago

You're arguing rhetoric right now there is no use in trying to demean it when you don't have your hands on it. I'm not saying it will be great but for us people who want a change and want to check it out I'm sure they will have their own install base, and for people like yourself who absolutely refuse this is even possible that's great glad you do.

Xi3442d ago

No I'm basing this off of logic and current trends. People who believe in onlive are people believing in a pipe-dream and should come back down to reality.

Onlive is the phantom 2 and look at how far the original got.

Major_Tom3442d ago

Lol whatever, conversation is done.

MegaPowa3442d ago

Don't you think they would of researched into that for gods sake i mean seriously they're not idiots 400mil went into this crap i don't think they would overlook stuff like that

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