Street Fighter IV PC/360/PS3 Comparison HD

GT writes, "Can the consoles come close to the quality of the computer?"

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DelbertGrady3449d ago

Not hard to spot which one has the vaseline filter.

-MD-3449d ago

I see that's the first thing that popped in your head. It says a lot about you really.

thereapersson3449d ago

You could say the same about both of them, Murderdolls.

But of course, you only concentrate on Nelson M's fanboyism, seeing as how you are just as big a 360 fanboy as Popinsky

Nelson M3449d ago

Great Comeback MurderGoth

-MD-3449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

Thanks where's yours NelsonGoth!!11!!one1!!1?

@1.3 - Soda made a joke about the PS3 version bring "blurry" hence the vaseline joke. NelsonGoth!!11!one!!111! made a joke about having sex with a man. In the butt.

Reading is fun.

DelbertGrady3449d ago

You could say the same about both of them, thereapersson.

But of course, you only concentrate on Murderdolls fanboyism, seeing as how you are just as big a PS3 fanboy as Nelson M.

Major_Tom3449d ago

Lmao, Nelson every time I look in the Open Zone you're there, making me laugh my ass off bubbles dude.

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lloyd_wonder3449d ago

How pointless. They all look great.

LightofDarkness3449d ago

The only difference one would notice is if you were to apply the different art shaders on the PC version.

hay3448d ago

Definetly. I failed to see the difference during the fights, and that's what's important. Pixel counters could see some differences, but why bother.

donnie-21053449d ago

we all know the 360 beats the ps3 in visuals on most multi plats and this is unlikely to change the rest of the current console cycle.the 360s more straight forward archeitecture was a great decision by MSOFT and a blunder by sony that has cost dearly to the ps3

prabx3449d ago

YOU must be stupid to think Sony is stupid.

GodGinrai3448d ago (Edited 3448d ago )

i own the 360 AND ps3 versions dude..they look the same.. cut the crap out!..seriously.

Edit:@prabx. cut THAT crap out! no need for name calling...especially when he aint even talkin about you. just makes you look like a fanboy.

IdleLeeSiuLung3448d ago (Edited 3448d ago )

Sorry you are wrong!

This article clearly shows the 360 version of SF IV is better:

Because you don't see it doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Albeit, I must admit most people probably won't notice it. Just like you, I didn't notice it.

SF IV lead version was the PC and the PC is considerably closer to the 360 than the PS3. Furthermore the load time of the PS3 version is considerably slower without the installation.

HDgamer3448d ago

That doesn't make sense since the game sold more on the ps3? Want to be a fanboy about it huh? The games are basically the same, if you care about 1 little pixel and a stupid game comparison website have fun pretending to play a fighting game that you will most likely lose 20:-1 matches in.

IdleLeeSiuLung3448d ago

With a name that has HD in it, I'm suprised to hear you say that. As I said, I couldn't tell much of a difference myself, but it is there for people that care.

I think this issue is very similar to the DVD vs. Blu-Ray. Quality wise it is better, but not substantial in my opinion.

N4Flamers3448d ago

this game looks but ass ugly on what ever system. The chracter models look like homeless people, I wish they would have done them with an anime flare. I can dream, and yes I do own the game. Retarded story and all, if it wasnt fun to play it would be "gutter trash"

HDgamer3448d ago

You're surprised to hear me say that a multiplatform by capcom is basically the same and that 1 pixel and a biased game comparison website is supposed to matter to me? No that's not what a gamer cares about.

IdleLeeSiuLung3448d ago

Sorry, but claiming it is 1 pixel difference is a ridiculously understatement. Furthermore calling lens for truth biased shows me that you either did not research them properly and read their articles, or is just a fanboy with a personal agenda. It is clear that they show evidence of differences and arrive at a sound conclusion. Furthermore they have given PS3 the nod many times and in one example gave PS3 the win on what I consider a very subjective reason. The fact that the game was blurrier thus fit into the art style better on Prince of Persia on the PS3 gave it the win although everything else is equal.

If you are a true gamer, you should care about how publishers/developers treat gamers differently on different platforms. Things like the recent Ghostbuster game is atrocious and a disservice to all PS3 owners.

HDgamer3448d ago

True gamers only care about gameplay not the bullshit that these websites offer with game comparisons. All it is just a scam to entice flame wars, traffic and fuel the console war.

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