80MB Patch Lands On LittleBigPlanet


LittleBigPlanet has received continous patches since its launch, and normally the larger ones have contained some important new stuff like the Metal Gear Solid content, as well as having cute little codenames like Appledore and Ricotta. Not this one – today's unannounced update, 1.16, weighs in at 80MB and thus almost certainly contains future (and currently secret) DLC. For reference, the MGS content was roughly 65MB.

Naturally, nobody seems to know what's in the patch, but we eagerly await any information anyone might be able to dig up.

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TheDeadMetalhead3445d ago

Hope it's something good (I'm sure it will be). =D

jessehaysfl3445d ago

its ghostbusters.......

How could thesixthaxis not know that?

Hacks.....and not the kind that get you headshots...

jessehaysfl3444d ago

don't take it as confirmation....just my guess.

However it has already been announced by MM on the PSBlog.

Ninjamonkey3444d ago

If it is ghostbusters then I want =D

Syronicus3444d ago

Personally would rather see a Killzone 2 level. They could do some great stuff with that.

Freak of Nature3444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

Perhaps a Combo pack of ICO,Killzone 2,Ratchet and clank,and Ghostbusters,or 2 of the 4 of these game themes.....Well that would be extra nice...

The thing I would want to see even more so would be new alternative "game mechanics"....Like real World fluids,and or atmospheric effects,like wind currents,natural disaster events like typhoons/tornados for example....New weapons like a "melting gun" which Alex Evans talked of a few Months back in an interview,well that could come in a R&C theme pack....The user create levels would sky rocket with tons of new options....

Anyways,80 gigs has some weight to it,so good news is ahead...

My game of this gen...

Christopher3444d ago

Would be neat for it to be Ghostbusters with new gameplay element using their ghostbusting packs.

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Loxhart3444d ago

Awesome, can't wait for this. I need the Sephirosackboy now!

jessehaysfl3444d ago

that will still be awhile.....I would wait for another FF high profile thing to happen to coincede with the sackiroth...

ionicmoose3444d ago

Hoping for FFVII or SotC level pack :)

jessehaysfl3444d ago

Sorry to shoot you down but they already did the shadow stuff.....just a sticker and char pack...I was also bummed...

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3444d ago

'Who you Gonna call???'...'For 'AAA' Games???'...


'I ain't afraid of no Micro$oft!!!' ;-D

MaximusPrime3444d ago

im crap too but loves playing people's awesome levels. I can see the time and effort they had to make a quality level.

ShadowFlareX, for example, started creating "illumina garden" in the beta. It was an instant hit and that level stayed on after LBP releases.
One level took him a month or two. Its called Sebenco Climb. Quality.

If you want, i have few videos on my youtube channel. PanixATK. Check it out.

Chuk_Chuk3444d ago

alot patience is all i'm going to say. And pay attention to small details. But i can't really talk my levels aren't a success

JL3444d ago

Admittedly, I haven't spent much time with the level creation, but I did get in there and tinker with it a lil bit. However, it really is overwhelming to a degree trying to create a level. Anything I did was too-embarrassing-to-publish type complete and utter fail lol. Then again I guess maybe I didn't give it enough of a chance. But it definitely does seem to have a steep learning curve so to speak (which is part of the reason I'm liking ModNation Racers, seems they really nailed that "level creation" and made it much more simplistic). Some of the levels I've seen people create on LBP though, man...I don't even have words for. I couldn't even begin to conceive how they worked all that out. Some of them are truly beautiful and some just utterly jaw dropping. You can definitely find some in there that are even better than what MM included with the game. Some creative geniuses out there.

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