Game-Focus Reviews Splinter Cell Double Agent for PS3

For those wondering to buy Splinter Cell Double Agent on PS3, here is a review from Game-Focus that may change your mind...

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ASSASSYN 36o4135d ago

Garbage-ps3. Gold-xbox 360

trane074134d ago

Fanboys deserve to get shot. Especially the one above.

QuackPot4134d ago (Edited 4134d ago )

Only idiots compare ports of the same game.

What you idiots are comparing is how well the developers have done in porting the game - this will depend on their experience with the system, techniques used and how much of the system potential they have tapped. Since xbox 360's been out a year longer then it's obvious that it'll have generally better graphics than the ported PS3.

The full potential of PS3 won't be realised for another two years.

So stop posting these ridiculous port comparison reviews. They're only good for ignorant fanboys...which in short, is good for nothing.

ben hates you4134d ago

sony fanboys oh it won't be two years until ps3 uses its full power, basically what your saying is get a 360 now buy a ps3 later, it just gets old

BigDDDave4134d ago (Edited 4134d ago )

This is sad to say i know but the PS3 version doesnt have the same visual esthetic of the 360 FOR THIS GAME. Seriously, when i have reviewed this game i was very desapointed because ive always played SC on PC and chaos theory was top notch graphic wise. e.g when you grab a guard from behind you could see his face moving and feel the pain for him, but here there is NO FACIAL MOVEMENT at all and that really feels like a cheap ass port from Ubisoft. I like this compagny and they deserve respect for all their good games but this port of SCDA was really bad. It may be visually a total deception BUT the GAMEPLAY LETS YOU FORGET IT PRETTY FAST and online its VERY VERY NICE!
i love it :)

BTW, Lair already kick ass, if you have looked at the latest videos.

Robotz Rule4134d ago (Edited 4134d ago )

Fanboys "cough ASSASSYN 36o" really get annoying.

ErcsYou4134d ago

all this proves is that ubisoft has the lamest porting team in all the industry. ubi soft is going to show up at e3 and get laughed at by the rest of the developers, how embarrassing. does anyone really want to play this game anyways??

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