Cursed Mountain Cover Art Surfaces, Lookin' Creepy

Colette [email protected] writes: "Of you follow survival horror news, you're probably already aware of the bold statement I made about Cursed Mountain having the potential to become the best survival horror title of the year. I recently heard from Deep Silver in regards to the final box art for the title, and was rather surprised to see that instead of the demonic face as seen on the box on the official website, instead the art has been changed to protagonist Eric Simmons clawing his way away from a frightning-looking apparition (the full size art is in the gallery).

I have to admit I find this art a little less creepy than the face that graced the original announcement, but I still have confidence that this game could really deliver what I'm looking for. It's slated for an August 25th release date and is exclusive to the Nintendo Wii. Is it still on your do want list?"

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Gen0ne3443d ago

August 25th you say? That's the Prime Trilogy release date. Sorry Cursed Mountain, Samus comes before all, so you will wait. Whilst I wait for your reviews. And change that box art. ASAP.

Gen0ne3443d ago

This can't be a good sign. In a one hour span nobody has said anything about this game. So here's another post for you, to help make you feel better Cursed Mountain. Ya poor kid.

SpoonyRedMage3443d ago

It something not negative about a Wii game, don't expect many posts.

the cover looks alright but they need to sort out the text and yer, it's going to be overshadowed by Metroid.

-chaz-3443d ago

Well, of all the box art I've seen... this is the most recent.

Blink_443443d ago

The font looks like times new roman other than that its great