Abyssus-A Gears Of War Homage Project

SKOAR "There are numerous Gears machinima floating all around the web. This is however is a homage to Epic's locust blaster Gears Of War that was put together by two talented artists"

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822119863416d ago

Worth an applause I believe...

100003416d ago

sort of reminds me of Dom and his relation with his wife...the whole picture thingy...

281219863416d ago

Tis awesome are these guys working in the games industry?

Nice3416d ago

is sort of like the scar on Fenix's face....

Gamemakerman3416d ago

Not bad at all, but the real question still remains, is this running within the Unreal Engine 3.0 itself without any modifications? Or is it simply a good CGI movie. Still impressive for a CGI movie, but if it is their dream to work inside a gaming environment, then it doesn't prove anything if the props and effects aren't working inside an actual engine.

822119863416d ago

is closer to CG...but I still appreciate the efforts put in by just two guys...quality I must say...

Nikkelz3416d ago

it clearly states that this is a demonstration of two independent artists that clearly deserve the recognition for their work,im my opinion whether its running on UE3 or not,its very impressive none the less,besides its just 2 guys,not 100....
im personally rooting for these guys to succeed.

peace and game on