Duke Nukem Forever: New Screens emerged

Some new Screens and Artworks from Duke Nukem Forever emerged.

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trgz3293d ago

I do believe in DN4, I do believe in DN4, I do believe...

Foxgod3293d ago

Not one, but two duke's are coming, DKF and DKB (begins)

Foxgod3293d ago

It sure will live, but recent interviews revealed that the only console port was being made for the 360.

So why is this in the ps3 section ?

fossilfern3292d ago

I hope duke will live on i personaly think 3D realms were taking far too long and it got to the point were no one knew what to do. I just completed Duke 3D and its a great game funny, fun and defenatly a game for adults. Hope they can transfer that over in the next one which im sure they will :D

xino3292d ago


Images look sick!

The machine Gun needs to be improved man, I mean we need to see how much bullets remains on the Machine Gun's HUD. Like d00m 3.

Cajun Chicken3292d ago

I still want Duke to return...and he will.