Super Mario Galaxy 2 geared towards the hardcore says Miyamoto

"Super Mario Galaxy for many, was an incredible game this generation and sold to millions of gamers, but don't think they are going to go soft on us core gamers this time around. Miyamoto explains that this Galaxy will be geared towards the hardcore."

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Product3449d ago

I always thought 3d Marios were to easy. Hopefully this title proves me wrong. Glad to see Nintendo putting more difficulty in their games. What will this mean for Zelda?

TruthbeTold3449d ago

that SMG was of course easy to beat, but it wasn't easy at all to complete, especially with slippery ass Luigi. Several of those 1 life boss battles were crazy, and some of those purple coin levels were downright murderous. If SMG2 is going to be more like the later levels then this may be the most Hardcore 3D Mario game yet. :)

SRU96003449d ago

A few weeks ago I started to get the urge to buy a Wii.
I don't know why, but it just looks like a lot of fun to me all of a sudden.

All I ever hear is people saying that it has very few "good" games, but I still want one.

If it sucks, I will just go back to my 360 and PS3. :D

Marceles3449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

I thought SMG was alot harder than Mario 64 and Sunshine. Mario 64 and Sunshine had alot of shortcut, especially with the water tank...(thanks Miyamoto, make it even easier to go through the levels faster) while SMG kinda forced you to go through the level the long way which I liked.

Smacktard3449d ago

I don't understand how people think the game is hard at any part at all. The only part I found challenging was the Bouldergeist Daredevil Star thing. And it just took a bit of memorization. The rest of the game was a complete breeze. I didn't notice any difference with Luigi at all either. I hope this game provides some challenges. And to whoever's saying Sunshine was easier than Galaxy, HAHA YEAH RIGHT. Some of those "secret level" shines were actually pretty tough to get.

PhDInParapsychology3449d ago

I have to completely agree with Smacktard, nothing about getting all the stars in this game was difficult (except for Luigi's Purple Coins, admittedly that took me about 15-20 tries). The "lives" system is a joke ("here's 20 lives for booting the game up!") as are the boss battles. Galaxy was a lot of fun, but they really need to step up the challenge aspect of it. I can respect that they want to make it easy to beat for kids, so make it "easy to beat, difficult to master" instead of "easy to beat, just a tad more difficult to master."

eagle213449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

Don't even act like you didn't see the "too bad" screen many times in Sunshine. I loved Sunshine! Super Mario Bros. 3 holds the crown. Many gamers haven't beat SMB3. I have mastered that perfect game over the years a dozen times. :)

Mario Galaxy 2 FTW!

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ape0073449d ago

it's mario,galaxy was one of the best games ever,anyone think it's kiddy,casual,he is the real casual gamer

I don't know why some even think games like mario and ratchet are casual games,judging a game hardcore or casual by the game design not themes or anything like that and game design in ratchet and mario,banjo etc is pure hardcore experince

TruthbeTold3449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

Only First person shooters and RPG's count as hardcore now. The latter aren't even counted as hardcore amongst many since they either don't like them, or don't know what they are.

What's sad is many of the people who don't consider a game like SMG "hardcore" only played the game for a few levels, and so, never got to the really good stuff. They have no patience for the catering to new gamers that goes on early in the game so they write the whole thing off. And of course, like you said, the gentle and cartoon fantasy look of the game leads to alot of the false judgment...

Product3449d ago

I have to completely agree with both of you

n4f3449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

hey some people dont even play the game and act like they they already beat the game and it was casual and all that

@truth be told
oh and btw if you have blood, gore, gun, sex, HD and it M for mature than its definitely hardcore
if it has gun and violence or coming to ps360 than its core
if it from the wii than its casual to the max (only for grand ma and kids) ///

knox3449d ago

wow, way to totally mess up miyamoto's words to get more hits, he said that there is a lot of depth for veteran gamers but that this is a game they are making for EVERYONE................sigh
and btw this has been on n4g like 10 times in interviews already, who the heck approved this?

Goomba123449d ago

Awww someone seems mad.

3449d ago
brodels3449d ago

i call bullsh*t it's just a rehashing of super mario galaxy 1 ideas with a drill.

Product3449d ago

It's 90% new, with 10% renewed stages from the last game. FYI

ape0073449d ago

hahha r u blind or something

let's talk about halo 3(I like the game,online is amazing) but the game is a complete rehash,everything is exactly the same

3449d ago
n4f3449d ago

[email protected] the game isnt even out and there already talk trash about it.

ChickeyCantor3449d ago

" i call bullsh*t it's just a rehashing of super mario galaxy 1 ideas with a drill."
And this got to do with difficulty how?

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