French RE4 ad redefines the meaning of "dude, that's a zombie's boob!"

This video will leave a new sensation behind for you to dwell on. I don't remember this scene in RE4 but I guess there may of been something different in the French version.

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urpabo3930d ago

Man, the mix of sex and motherhood do not go down together very well. It's just wierd in the end.

Diselage3930d ago

I really considered not submitting this video but something this twisted just needed to be shared.

Counter_ACT3930d ago

Weird. xD But this is a well old advert.

grifter0243930d ago

holy cow. that was freaky.. Why was she all naked though.. That tripped me out.. THe kid is going to have some serious issues when he grows up .. That is when Leon kicks the door down and Blows her head off.. LOL..

NewsGforce3930d ago

Its resident evil cat! Shoot counless zombie kittens in this fight for survival and catnip.