Uncharted 2 New Features and New Beta To Hit This Summer

Uncharted 2 won game of the show at E3'09 and although God Of War 3 was present and playable Uncharted 2 considering that it's coming out this year really stood out of the crowd and with these new features and looking at this new footage gamers around the world shall be prepared for another epic journey through Drake's Fortune.

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jessehaysfl3445d ago

wow in before all the HHG Hate....I guess you have to comment before a story is approved to do that.....

Good story HHG keep it up, no matter what some people think.

On a side note it seems your sentence structure and writing style have also improved. Nice job man.

egm_hiphopgamer3445d ago

Uncharted 2 is going to be a powerhouse you guys save your money lol for real 1luv and god bless and yes I do get tons of hate but thanks for that compliment aight god bless everyone for real peace and enjoy the article and video good night.

jessehaysfl3445d ago

anytime man, the only time Ive ever hated was when it was deserved.....which has only really happend once.....

Anyway keep up the good work, and seriously I don't know if you have tried to improve your writing style or if your just taking more time with your writing or what but seriously huge improvement...your kicking ass and taking names..

Now before I get accused of sucking you off I best be out....

ape0073445d ago

this game is a killer man

SevWolf3444d ago

@ HHG: This is one of your best articles yet, it shows that you have become much better than you started off congrats :) , but I have a couple of complaints, I hope you read this, this is coming from somebody who follows your site and reads a lot of your articles. and believe if you follow my words more than half of your hate will be gone, for one the HEADLINES, I mean you, most of the time, have really great ideas/information, but a lot of your headlines are what people call "flamebait", but look at this article it has a great title and great info. more of your articles should be like this, also this was the only thing I've complained about you, when you review games you can say all the good things about but don't always write "MUST BUY" or stuff like that, you know you started doing that with transformers but you're getting better at it and I hope you get much better which apparently you are :)

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KingGhost933445d ago

I like the cinema mode idea, so i can put my dazzle to use or do you have to use a ps eye?

jessehaysfl3445d ago

its all recorded by the server, no camera needed....dazzle huh?

rockleex3445d ago (Edited 3445d ago )

You DON'T need a PS Eye to record your Uncharted 2 online matches.

The game automatically records it for you. Its also not recorded in video format. So while watching the replay you can turn the camera around, fast forward, slow motion, pause, etc.

KingGhost933445d ago

lol it's old i just never use it

KingGhost933445d ago

I gotta save my money for alot of ps3 games this year lol! i'm gonna be broke before this year is over

jessehaysfl3445d ago (Edited 3445d ago )

im with you, I just did a forum post and Ive preorderd over 1300$ worth of games.....most of em come out before 2010.....

only like three that dont... agent, GOW3 and Heavy rain...

yeah I didnt preorder any final fantasy....but thanks now I gotta go commit more spending...

FFXIII VS for me...and maybe XIII just because....its hard to committ to a FF...they just take sooo long to getting where I have limited to grow up...wish I still had all day every day....

waltercross3445d ago

FF13 comes out next year to and maybe versus.

artgamer3444d ago

1300 !!! 0_o you're crazy.

jessehaysfl3444d ago

no, I'm addicted. There is a difference.

I am actually starting to think video game addiction is real....

himdeel3444d ago

...crack. At least you wont steal someones TV to sell it for a're just more likely to steal it to play games in the bathroom while on the toilet.

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