BeefJack: Sonic The Hedgehog 3 XBLA Review

BeefJack writes: "Since the early days of the video game industry, it seems that Sonic has been involved in some sort of argument. Those of you who may remember dreaming of one day having full 3D graphics will no doubt remember the Sonic Vs Mario debate. Well as time came and went so did that argument but now we're on the end of "New vs old," or Sonic Adventure vs Sonic The Hedgehog or Sonic Unleashed vs Sonic & Knuckles."

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RockmanII73445d ago

I bought sonic 2 for the 360 and it was bad. The controlls were like 1/2 a second off and kept on killing you. I say go out, buy a genisis, and get it and a load of other games. Don't be suprised if it's cheaper too.