GameSpot: Bit.Trip Core Review

GameSpot writes: "Bit.Trip Beat was a retro take on the rhythm genre that utilized the Nintendo Wii's motion controls in a Pong-meets-Rez experience. Though it adheres to the same basic design aesthetic and Technicolor palette as its predecessor, Bit.Trip Core plays remarkably different thanks to a radically new control scheme and added shooter elements. This new experience remains faithful to the series' style while offering an entirely different type of challenge, and though it makes some of the same mistakes as Bit.Trip Beat, it's the better game. If you're on the lookout for a fun and engaging music-themed action game that packs a punch, this is it."

The Good

* Pleasing retro aesthetic
* Striving for the next high score is fun and addictive
* Challenging but rewarding gameplay.

The Bad

* Still no online leaderboards
* Still short at only three levels.

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