Coming soon to Playstation Home... Your face? writes:

"In a recent interview with PhysOrg, Dr. David McKinnon, a
researcher from Queensland University of Technology and the
Australasian CRC for Interaction Design (ACID), has made a
revolutionary new software that could have tremendous benefits for
Sony's playstation Home."

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RememberThe3573058d ago

That could get pretty funny actually. Just imagine if you could turn any 2d image into a 3D image. There would be so many celebrities running through Home.

whateva3057d ago

or up load your pictures like in the new EA boxing games?

ARog343057d ago

...just like in Tiger Woods Golf. Have the PS3 Eye and a sweet software program make realistic avatars...

keysy4203057d ago

i fthis works with the cam kudos for sony

BYE3057d ago (Edited 3057d ago )

Hopefully they moderate it, I don't wanna see @ss and d1ckfaces in Home.

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