Ars Review: The Punisher: No Mercy is fun, but needs work

Ars writes: "Frank Castle has always been one of those comic characters we guiltily embrace, not because he's consistently well-written, or well-drawn, or really all that interesting, but because he's essentially a walking collection of clichés. He's the vigilante we all admire, facing impossible odds and relying on brains, brawn, and simple firepower to wage his one-man war against evil. In short, he's the perfect comic character for both movies and video games, though adaptations for both have been accomplished with only middling success. Now that the bitter taste of The Punisher: War Zone has left our mouths, gamers can download The Punisher: No Mercy from the Playstation Network."

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LONEWOLF2313393d ago

I almost made the big mistake of buying this. I heard that this game is not worth the 10 bucks.