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GayASSAdmins2960d ago

very nice video, still looks like Tomb raider.

jBat172960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

i hope xbots come up with a new line for bashing uncharted soon.. that male tomb raider stab is so 2007. tomb raider has no funny lines unlike uncharted and indiana jones

btw, drake's humor FTW

FamilyGuy2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

OMG !?

The voice acting in that was better than a TON of movies that i've LIKED. That was so weird to experience, like... like i want to go buy that movie and see what it's all about, but it's a game. So not only do i get to see/hear/witness a great-looking story I also get to interact with it?

Cimematic, what a perfect word, my girl my actually enjoy watching me play this game LMAO!

And after all that, I've already played the multi-player beta and know i like the gameplay. Now im kinda... sad, i wish it were out now :(

Defectiv3_Detectiv32959d ago

Can't wait til the sh!t hits the fan and 'the power of the stone is unlocked'. You all know its gonna happen, I'm sure there is a surprise in store for us when it does. Kinda like how you have to fight the mutants towards the end of Uncharted 1.

ultimolu2959d ago

Screw you.

Tomb Raider my ass. Tomb Raider doesn't hold a candle to this series.

commodore642958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

Like tombraider?

Hey! Now that you mention it, I have to agree.

Although, UC does have slightly updated graphics and a 'cartoonish' rendering style to it, which TR didn't have.

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SnuggleBandit2960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

This game looks UNBELIEVEABLE!

I mean that cinema on my 52 inch tv looked the closest to real life of any video game i have ever seen

and we all know the gameplay and story will be gold

^^^agree GOTY

Whut2960d ago

yeah the video is really nice

but your exagerating with the real life stuff common now.

heroicjanitor2960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

The facial expressions are amazing, and the story telling and voice acting are top notch. I can't wait for this game!

Edit: He said it is the closest to real life a game has come, not that it looks like real life.

beavis4play2960d ago

and it's pretty clear your a blind xbox fanboy.
why not stay in the 360 threads? your account is a little new to be trolling isn't it?

on topic - i felt like KZ2 would hold the graphics crown till GOW3......i was wrong. UC2 graphics (and in particular; the movements and facial expressions of the characters) is unbelieveable. wow!

hulk_bash19872960d ago

This game is Pure Epicness trapped in a plastic Bluay disc. The multiplayer beta was additively fun and looks to have a great story just like the first game.

StanLee2960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

I just watched it on Spike HD. I have a 42" 1080p Samsung and it truly did look amazing but there really needs to be another solution for aliasing in PS3 games. The jaggies were terribly distracting. Even during the cinematic there were tons of jaggies. I'm glad Naugthy Dog is one of the few developers who do not use a ton of blur to compensate for aliasing but the PS3 does need another solution.

Megaton2960d ago

It's still early, but I think this will end up being my personal GOTY. The multiplayer was crazy fun, and everything I've seen from the singleplayer leaves my jaw on the floor.

Bubble Buddy2960d ago

My goodness Naughty Dog, you've outdone yourself again. Eases the pain in me desperately missing for a PS3 Jak Game :). Definitely one of the GOTY candidates and maybe winner.

Whut2960d ago

how am i trolling? I said that the game looks nice and that no it doesnt look like real life.

LordMarius2960d ago

" I saw this tonight on Spike TV on Gametrailers and it looked amazing but there definitely needs to be another solution to deal with aliasing in PS3 games. The jaggies were terribly distracting, even during the cinematic. Especially when you have a tv as large is mine ( . . . 42 1080p Samsung), it's even more prominent. "

Why not just copy and paste ;)

iamtehpwn2960d ago

The Game looks better then any CGI movie I've ever seen.
The game is so good in every aspect, it's hard to believe it even exists. xD

Day 1 buy.

StanLee2960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

LOL. You know, a minute or two after I posted that comment on Gametrailers, I came to N4G and there was a topic on the front page. I didn't have to copy and paste. I pretty much had that thought from the moment I started watching the cinematic.

SnuggleBandit2960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

@stan lee...ya says the guy with no ps3

i didn't notice anything but hey its not like i look for defects i just enjoy the games or whatever i'm watching ya know

lol sorry if that sounded d1ckish

Atomic2960d ago

if you 360 owners need any proof of the graphical superiority of the PS3 over the 360, here is it!
Uncharted 2 is the ultimate show piece for the PS3.

StanLee2960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

No need to be a douche. Anyone who watched Gametrailers and claim they didn't see jaggies, have their fanboy goggles on. And I DO have a PS3.

SnuggleBandit2960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

thanks dude...i even said i wasn't trying to sound like a d!ck but thanks for acting like that

but seriously i've gone back over it and i see nothing

EDIT: Ya nice stealth edit there

lloyd_wonder2960d ago

Lol. Your tv broken or something?

Why dis2960d ago

Looks good not as good as people are making it out to be. I'd say it looks pretty in a cartoon-ish way.

nix2960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

even the first one was GOTY... i just got myself a Sony Bravia... and man! uncharted looks really amazing! something i didn't see while playing on my SD tv. i now know why everyone was saying Uncharted is the best looking game. lol. q:

i'm so looking forward to it.

EDIT: @whydis... i feel pity for you. lol.

EDIT: @below:. awww...... like i said, i pity you! and i'm sure so does majority of the people here...

Why dis2960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

I pity you because of your over-exaggeration. Mass Effect 2, Alan Wake and splinter Cell compete with this game with no problem what so ever with ingame cutscenes in all of them just as impressive but with a more mature artstyles.

2960d ago
Obama2960d ago

UC 2 won all the best graphical awards in E3, so apparently experts don't agree with Why dis. The 360 games he mentions don't even come close.

lloyd_wonder2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

Aren't you the one who complains about PS3 fans in a 360 article? Lol. Take your delusion elsewhere.

Mass Effect 2 or SC don't hold a candle to Uncharted 2. Mass Effect has bland textures up close and poor facial animations. SC has stiff animations, and bland graphics.

None of them won best graphics awards over Uncharted.

TheReaper422959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

Everything looks good except the hair construction is still STATIC. I only see her bangs moving while the rest of her hair stay frozen (looks at pony tail). Maybe ND is saving an all out visual enhancement for Uncharted 3.

hulk_bash19872959d ago

it's won says otherwise. This is an amazing looking game hands down. You call it cartoony, I call it vibrant. Mass Effect, Alan Wake, Splinter Cell, all great looking games. But nothing has wowed me the way Uncharted 2 has been able too, it just looks better every time I see it.

SnuggleBandit2959d ago

we give you 360 fans killzone 2 and you say "meh too bland, not enough colors"

we give you uncharted 2 with very rich and vibrant colors and you say "meh, cartoonish"

just can't win with you (delusional) people

Traveler2959d ago

The first Uncharted to this day is only equaled or bested by one game: Killzone 2. Mass Effect and Splinter Cell Double Agent weren't even close in the graphics department. And while their sequels have certainly seen some improvements, Uncharted 2 looks to be an even bigger jump over its predecessor and is again going to stand head and shoulders above ME2 and Splinter Cell Conviction.

Uncharted 2 looks better than any upcoming game I have seen. But the graphics are just the icing on the cake. The wonderful narrative, pacing and gameplay are the main elements that make the game truly special. I also love the fact that the single player story mode isn't broken up by load screens, it is seemless from beginning to end. Uncharted 2's overall package of gameplay, narrative and graphical presentation is simply unrivaled.