Bravia Gets Netflix. What About Playstation 3?

Technologizer: Thanks to a partnership with Netflix, Sony Electronics' Internet-capable Bravia televisions will be able to stream Netflix movies starting this fall.

That's great news for Bravia owners, but I want to know whether Sony ever intends to bring Netflix to the Playstation 3. The odds of finding out for sure are admittedly slim, so let's take a look at what's been said to determine the likelyhood:

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lloyd_wonder2996d ago

Netflix will definitely be on the PS3 since the PS3 is apart of the Blu-Ray ecosystem.

In what form is still unknown.

Shendow2996d ago

Most likely won't? Because PSN has its own video store on it and if the had Netflixs. What would be the point of PSN Video?

2996d ago
PirateThom2996d ago

Marketplace has its own video store as well, didn't stop Microsoft adding Netflix.

Vagrant_12996d ago

time to hook my 52" XBR9 up to the webs

-MD-2996d ago

What about Playstation 3?

zok3102996d ago

This will help push the Bravia brand, and more people will become accustomed to digital content, all we need to know now are the price of the TV and netflix, and HDD space.

keysy4202996d ago

seriously who cares about netflicks