IGN: Grudge Match: Street Fighter IV vs. BlazBlue

It's been a huge year for fighting games so far. With the release of Street Fighter IV in February, Capcom set the new bar incredibly high for the genre. And although some fine old-school fighting titles have been re-released since then (King of Fighters '98: Ultimate Match and Fatal Fury: Garou – Mark of the Wolves), most fighting fans were probably assuming the October release of Tekken 6 in October would be the first true challenge to SFIV's supremacy.

Um, wrong. In June the always scrappy ARC System Works, makers of the Guilty Gear series, released BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger, a new 2D/3D fighting franchise that got us all sorts of excited. So excited, that IGN PlayStation Associate Editor Ryan Clements, gave BlazBlue a score of 9.4, a tenth of a point higher than he reviewed Street Fighter IV. Megaton.

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TheHater3416d ago

I cannot believe how good this game is. For me, this is the best fighting game I played since Marvel vs Capcom 2 on the Dreamcast.

Chris3993416d ago

It just feels more "complete" or something. So many modes and characters. Such a variety of things to do. And it also benefits from being rather eccentric and different from other fighters; in terms of atmosphere, story and presentation.

It's a real breath of fresh air.

facepalm3416d ago

To me it depends... Because I enjoy playing BlazBlue more at home or during times when I'm just relaxing, but enjoy playing Street Fighter IV more at the arcade during competitions.

I really love the variations between characters in BlazBlue as well as the NetCode, not to mention just how fresh this game feels compare to all the other fighting games that came out.

Reibooi3415d ago

I played SFIV ALOT when it came out and loved it. However I have to say that Blazblue owns SFIV in pretty much every way. The characters are more dynamic the combat system is deeper the story line is infinitely better and more engaging thanks to the incredible story mode. The online is also incredibly fun and in my experience Lag free.

Not to mention I think the art and visual style of Blazblue makes SFIV look like a joke. I loved SFIV and the time i spent with it but BlazBlue will be where I get my fighting fix from now on.

mastiffchild3415d ago

like BB a fair bit better(then again I felt that SF4 wasn't what it was made out to be and the Focus stuff is anathema to the game in my book, among other issues and I just wish they had the same kind of online options for SF2THDR which I feel is the purer DF experience, imho)than SF4-which for a new IP and considering I was NEVER a fan of the GG games is pretty good going.

I like the fact that they balanced the few cgaracters really well even thugh they're very, very different from each other-I doubt this would be possible with the usual huge roster of playable fighters.

The GFX, frameate, artstyle andnetcode are all really top notch too-in fact I din't think I've been taken so much by the looks of a fighter in a while-and both the recent SF games are great lookers!

This said I've only had the game a few days but so far I'd mark it higher than SF4(or SF2THDR), not by miles, but thwe reviews have been accurate for me and BB is one hell of a reason to look st 2D fighters once again-it's a thing of well balanced and lag free beauty-pretty big learning curve though so do NOT expect an easy ride with this game!

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Voozi3416d ago

What won me over with BlazBlue was the netcode. Kudos to the guys behind it. I never have any lag playing BB online compared to some matches I'd have in SFIV.

I have a friend who lives in Cali, in SFIV when we'd play, we'd get lag spikes occasionally, in BlazBlue, our gameplay is nice and smooth with no lag what so ever. So being able to deliver a lag free online experience for me is what gets my vote over SFIV.

Plus the fact they have a lobby system for the online versus just 2 people at a time in SFIV online. They delivered quite nicely with this game and hell, I kinda regret purchasing that SFIV CE now that I have BB lol

Delriach3416d ago

BB is pretty meh to me. The Story is awful and just begs to be skipped. The fact that in order to get 100% you have to lose every match is just insane. It's a mode that I'm glad that I never have to play again. The actual gameplay itself in BB is fun but it really won't last long for me. Once I platinum it, it's back to SFIV for me. I'm almost near a Platinum for BB already too. So it won't be that long before I just move on.

I think a lot of the praise of BB comes from the fact that for casual players, it's so easy to just pick up the game and start pressing a single button to do a bunch of stuff. Plus, the analog stick being mapped to special moves makes it very easy for casuals to just pick up and get rewarded for not doing much. Play against friends that don't know how to play? Doesn't matter. You can do a bunch of special moves and still have fun because you can do it all in one press. Obviously many of these techniques will not work against high level play, but I doubt any of the casuals are going to play it competitively like that any way.

Although from the looks of message boards, the cries for a patch regarding certain characters is pretty funny to me. A lot of cries because of Noels drive attacks are too funny.

Voozi3416d ago (Edited 3416d ago )

And since when was being able to pick up a game and play with friends and having fun a bad thing?

You're implying it's a bad thing that the game is pick up and play for non-competitive players so they can have fun with their friends without having to do overly-complex moves, but then you go and say it won't work vs competitive players who know what they're where's the problem in that? A game that caters to both the competitive and non-competitive? Seems like a pretty great idea to me.

Simon_Brezhnev3415d ago

so your saying Sagat Fighter 4 is more complex? seriously atleast blazblue punish turtles i bet all you do is block and wait for your opponent do a move then you fight

3416d ago
ExgamerLegends23416d ago

I have sf4 but not BB yet and I already know the answer to this question. Guilty Gear was the best 2d fighter and now Blazblue is. Sorry, its just the order of the universe.

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