Is Xbox 360 trying to be more like the Wii?

Project Natal made big waves at E3, arguably more than the PS3 motion controller, soon after both press conferences announced their respective projects many debates were sparked as to which tech was the superior one. Both "controllers" are fairly different and it seems that the two are going to be targeting different markets but is this true?

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GiantEnemyCrab2966d ago

I think it will work with hardcore games but I don't expect hack journalists to have the imagination to see how it can be applied. What a shame we are going to have to read more of this garbage because Natal is still a ways away.

KionicWarlord2222966d ago

I want 5 devs to look at it.
Cliffy B


Hideo Kojima

Gabe Newlman

John Carmack

GiantEnemyCrab2966d ago

add BioWare to that list as well. :)

KionicWarlord2222966d ago

Ofcourse. Companies to look at as well.





Bonfire studios

Real time...

Could go on and on.

-MD-2966d ago

Rare Natal please.

They're already working on it but I'm just excited :)

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life doomer2966d ago

Of course they are so they could reach the casual audience. first Microsoft copied mii's and now motion control. By doing this, they're stealing the wii's momentum.

RememberThe3572966d ago

But they're trying to do it better.

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GUNS N SWORDS2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

MS's goal is to grab a wide variety of gamers, so ms is trying to make 360 less associated as a console that's "only for" hardcore gamers.

i say that's good cause they're trying to embrace change, for their company and for their lineup of games.