PS3 version of BlazBlue outselling 360 version ... and here's why

Hardcore fighting fans are all talking about BlazBlue, Aksys' foray into high-def 2D fighting. While equal numbers of 360 and PS3 copies were made, the PS3 version appears to be selling out faster than the other. Why is that? Well, it could be the system's superior D-Pad. While many players will opt for an arcade stick, those who play with a default controller generally find the DualShock layout more comfortable for 2D fighters

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jBat173443d ago (Edited 3443d ago )

because xbots only get to have one game a year.. and their moms already bought them SF4.. so even though xbots would love to play BlazBlue, xbots have no choice but to wait for their birthday or christmas to get this game.. or maybe if they save enough lunch money LOL

xbots, a bunch of pimp-faced tweener

Kill Crow3443d ago

a game no ones heard of sells more on ps3 ... well done !!!!

rodrz343443d ago

a bitter xbot no ones heard of made a useless comment on ps3 ... well done !!!!

blackbeld3443d ago

Offcourse.... D-PAD is still the #1 controller for fighting games!!!

PS3 wins again.....

AngryTypingGuy3443d ago

"Owned." -- LOL, congrats, more PS3 users bought...BlazBlue.

The 360 controller is superior to the PS3 controller in every way, except for that D-Pad. The PS3 controller has the best D-Pad there is. Hopefully MS will eventually fix it, at least for the next Xbox, and make their controller truly perfect.

likedamaster3440d ago

Xbox blazblue version? #37. PS3 version = Owned?

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TheDeadMetalhead3443d ago (Edited 3443d ago )

The 360 controller might be better for other games, but it's absolute hell trying to use it for fighting games. I haven't played BlazBlue yet, but I did play both versions of Street Fighter IV, and I couldn't stand using the 360 controller for it.

There are other factors, of course (and they're listed in the article), but I think it's mostly the controller.

TheHater3443d ago

I want to get back into fighting games after playing this game for about 9 hours at my friend house the other day. Dam this game is good. I might just buy it soon.

Blaze9293443d ago

rofl, yeah base an article off Amazon. Really though, who cares.

Lelouch V Brit3443d ago

agree, I love my xbox 360 but I bought the ps3 version.

Rainstorm813443d ago

i've never heard of this game but its been drawing compairisons to SF4 i got to check it out.


theres a reason why the dual shock hasnt changed much.

theres also a reason why sony has been in the hw biz for decades.

unfortunately i wont explain either

Gamertags3443d ago

What is this game? Hmmmmmm

JonnyBigBoss3443d ago

I agree 100%. Using the PS3 gamepad for fighting games works pretty standard, but the 360 gamepad is just not acceptable.

Bnet3433443d ago

Alot of people who own a 360 don't buy games like these. There isn't even a demo or an ad on the Marketplace to let people know. Fanbase isn't there.

SinnedNogara3443d ago

Agreed, but playing SFIV with a Sixaxis controller is like playing twister with your fingers. I didn't like the controls (neither did my brother) and don't have $150 for a joystick.

I am not playing BlazBlue till i have a joystick. It looks awesome though.


to be honest id never even heard of the game until now.

I do agree that the ps3 pad is better for fighting games.

mastiffchild3443d ago

Ican't believe just how many of us are saying they haven't heard of this game. It's been getting 9/9.5s for the oast two weeks-everywhere and without the stupid SF4 rose tinted review specs too.

Got my US import two days ago and though I haven't played that much yet it's already given me as much fun as SF4 has! It looks AMAZING as the gfx are so crisp and the art just blows me away. The story is, predictably , mad but the few characters are so varied it style and well balanced that I don't think I've been so impressed by a "D fightr since the first release of SF2!

Totally a game everyone should try as if it fails through noone knowing what it is it'll be a tragedy when the game's so damn good and so well crafted. Honestly, if I'd believed games would look like this in my home when I was little I would have exploded.

Well, enough gushing but, really, people should have a good look for a copy-on PS3 if you don't have a stick though.

GameGambits3443d ago

I'm still miffed that the Playstation store hasn't got the extra colors for each character DLC yet. The 360 had it the 2nd of the games release, and while it isn't AMAZING dlc I still want the extra Jin colors.

Yi-Long3443d ago

... the game isn't released in Europe, the 360 version is region-locked and the PS3 version is region-free.
Plus the PS3 has a better D-pad than the regular Xbox controller ofcourse (but I have the SF4 controllers and the LE green 360 controller which has the improved D-pad, and I'm guessing so would many fight-fans).

Christopher3443d ago (Edited 3443d ago )


Comparing actual numbers, sales of FPS games on the 360 in comparison to all other type of games, and racial stereotyping. I'm sorry, but that's just crazy.

It's proven that the 360's primary audience loves FPS over all other type of games. The few games that get through are the non-standard hits, such as GTA4, which seems to do well across all platforms.

There's a few logical reasons why this game is performing better on the PS3, though.

1. This game is most popular in regions where the PS3 dominates

2. The d-pad on the PS controllers are better for fighting games

3. You can remote play this game on your PSP

4. The best fighters of this genre use PS3 and those who want to compete with them will also get it for the PS3

5. The primary console for official fighting game competitions across the world has been the PS3

IdleLeeSiuLung3443d ago

Basing it off is completely misleading based on the assumption that the etailer ordered equal numbers of games for both the 360 and PS3. In most cases, etailers order more for the 360 (in the US) and that is one of the reason why the PS3 limited edition of SF IV was so hard to find.

I don't doubt that in general fighting games that rely on the d-pad will sell better on the PS3 as the 360 d-pad sucks @ss!!! I had to buy the mad catz controller for my 360, that is how bad it is! I never thought that a reason to buy the PS3 version is to fight Japanese gamers....

darthv723443d ago

I actually prefer the 360 pad. Here is why. The placement of the dual analog sticks at the bottom of the DS3 can sometimes get in the way of my controlling the moves. I dont have that issue with the split position on the 360. This isnt the case for all games but the 2D style fighting games (kof, sf2, mortal kombat, etc) just play better for my thumbs using the 360. 3D style games like soul calibur and tekken I use the ds3.

Go figure.

menoyou3443d ago

Personally I think it's because BlazBlue is a game for really hardcore gamers. Only really hardcore gamers have been anticipating it, although now, with its popularity, others will buy it I'm sure. PS3 is mostly a console for hardcore gamers.

likedamaster3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

Blazblue ps3 is #244 @Amazon and Xbox360 version #37. Something is wrong here.

Funny, how inFamous(<--lol) dropped below both versions of Prototype @Amazon yet its supposedly the better game.

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joeyisback25853443d ago

remember bots its all about sales lmao haha u fken bots r retarded

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Ninji3443d ago

Xbots don't buy games. They only watch Netflix.

-MD-3443d ago

If we don't buy games then why does the 360 shift like 5x the software that the PS3 does?

Serious question.

dustgavin3443d ago (Edited 3443d ago )

I like those numbers you made up. 360 is done. Natal will the the 360's final nail in it's outdated coffin.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3443d ago

"Xbots don't buy games. They only Chat SH*T all day on ChatBox LIVE!" ;-D

talltony3443d ago

You just admitted your a xbot.

Etseix3443d ago

japanese audience is for ps3
if the ps3 gets the same monster hunter Capcom made on Wii
ps3 will sell even more,

America = xbox (kinda)
Japan = PS
Wii = all the world

this is a japanese game so, ps3 ftw!

-MD-3442d ago

No I admitted I'm a 360 owner that buys software.

talltony3442d ago

He said "Xbots don't buy games. They only watch Netflix."

You replied "If we don't buy games then why does the 360 shift like 5x the software that the PS3 does?"

So no you just admitted your a xbot. Thank you come again.

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