IGN: Gran Turismo 5: Searching for Clues

It's been a long time in the coming, but E3 2009 provided the first real look at Gran Turismo 5 in the form of a trailer. While GT5: Prologue gave little hints at what people can expect from the final game, it's become clear after seeing the trailer that Prologue didn't even scratch the surface of what they can expect upon GT5's release.

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PirateThom2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

I didn't even realise that trailer WASN'T pre-rendered...

The Drag race looks like part of the Top Gear runway, looks nice in the dusk.

As for the Corvette/Citroen damage, it didn't look like they hit each other in the video (it was kind of an "intense miss" for the video), but considered the minor damage they did show, I doubt Polyphony are showing their entire hand here. Damage was "blink and you'll miss it". I noticed the bonnet rising and falling when the car hit hard though, which was cool.

Greywulf2959d ago

i remember the post showing these things a while back.. they are realtime engine problems, not pre-rendered.

thereapersson2959d ago

LOL! Shows the denial that people exhibit towards GT:5's greatness, and the skill of Polyphony Digital. I knew it was real time all along. Any sane person should have been able to recognize that.

phosphor1122959d ago

Only fools would think it was. I don't think they have used pre-rendered trailers since like GT2 or something.

2959d ago
poindat2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

Agree, I am confused as to how anybody could have thought that the trailer was pre-rendered.

But yeah, it's going to be epic. Considering I still regularly play GT4 four years after its release, I have high expectations for GT5, and I have no doubt that they will be met.

EDIT: @Applegate: Calm down, man. It's there for the people that want to use it. If you don't like it, don't race in the NASCAR events. If you don't like that particular event, there are still going to be hundreds more cars for you to drive.

poopsack2959d ago

I hate variety too. what the hell are they thinking?

Applegate2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

Well looks like Im the only one who wants improvements.
Anyways PD aint getting a dollar from me if they dont step their game up.

Yeah I aint no sheep.

sofresh2002959d ago

I haven't played a GT game since GT3 almost 8 years ago. I'm certainly anticipating this one though. I hate watching NASCAR on TV, but the games are actually really fun. GT5's graphics and damage will make it even more fun.

cmrbe2959d ago

Do every PS3 fan a favour and don't buy GT5 and sell your imaginary PS3.

phosphor1122959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

They added NASCAR to appeal to more North Americans. They have the European and Asian territories on lock down, and that's where their products have always sold best, so picking up the NASCAR license won't hurt them any.

EDIT: Your comments are just full of trollage. Sheep? Yeah, you're not a sheep, you're a bi...never mind..

Boody-Bandit2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

Nope not at all.
You are a little man that lives under a bridge.

Stop hating and buy both since you "claim" to own both consoles.
Any person that is a racing fan that owns both consoles and doesn't purchase both GT5 and Forza 3 is just ignorant IMHO. They are both going to be great games in their own right but then again I'm a racing freak that owns both consoles.

Below: Cranium If they were being released around the same time I could fully understand that logic but GT5 looks like it wont be out until 2010. Hopefully it wont be an issue for you by then.

Edit: That video of GT5 looks sic! The lighting effects are amazing and give the game a more realistic look than any other racer I have seen so far.

cranium2959d ago

But they're so similar. I would only buy one if I had both consoles because I am always strapped for cash to buy videogames.

xwabbit2959d ago

People tend 2 forget this isnt turn 10, did u guys see those screens they had a few days b4 ? how pro they looked ? and yesterday they showed an in game video and it was no where near those graphics. Well but whats there to say, MS is the king in fooling the costumer

SnuggleBandit2959d ago

thank you to all 360 fans who stated this was pre rendered...thats a very nice compliment

ps921172959d ago

I really want this game to come out this year, please, I won't have time after 09.

SprSynJn2959d ago

I am probably going to get it for the variety, most especially the NASCAR portion. I am not even a fan of the series, nor have I ever watched a full race. But the fact there are at least three different types of races with so many cars to choose from makes this a highly probable purchase for me. That and the company seems to have the best reputation for what they do.

aaron58292959d ago

They added variety...

WRC and NASCAR on top of GT1, GT2, JGTC, Touring and production cars...

I think it's gonna be awesome... my guess is, i will be spending the rest of my PS3's life with this game... until GT6 is released.


Cant wait !!

JL2959d ago

I'm with you Thom, I didn't realize it wasn't prerendered either. Then again, most of it's obviously not in-game either. Though I have no doubt this will look absolutely amazing in-game. As for all the extra features, I can't wait. If it's even possible, this article has me even more hyped for GT5. And on top of that, they say they have even more to show? This game is going to blow my mind and consume my life. I can't wait!

PshycoNinja2959d ago

I believe that ALL OF IT is in game!

EXCLUSIVEGAMER2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

the greenbox is outclassed. the only way for its supporters to deal with the ps3s prowess is through denial.

for instance, those that say a STREAMED 5mb/sec 1080p video file with a 48kbs audio rate is better than a 37+mb/sec 1080p video file and 5 mb audio track. LOL

did you guys forget the crap with infamous and prototype?

LOL, how about when killzone 2 was labeled "not possible this Gen".

its always the same people that make these claims.

now the whole forza thing has me laughing. simply becuz the self proclaimed best racing game supports only 8 competitors. Even still with half the cars of gt5, f3 cannot surpass gt5 visuals, features and licenses.

Thats just VISUALS. i wont go into details.though i dont understand how people never mention gt's awesome audio.

Lets talk racing me f3 is gotham racing..a fun arcade experience. Though its no GT. while were on the topic of arcade racer, gt5 also offers ARCADE mode for all the kiddies who cannot understand the temper of a 800hp beast and keep ending up in the sandpits.

hmmm,so thats:

day/night events.

so im confused, which is the definitive racer again?

ps: To the dude with the sti: dont u dare start with me cuz my whip kills the 2008 rs4(r8 engine), that kills your sti. xP

JL2959d ago

Actually psycho I'd venture to bet most of it (or maybe all of it) isn't IN-GAME, it's IN-ENGINE. There's a difference. Ie. Gameplay footage vs GT replay system. I'm by no means trying to take away from GT5, I'm just saying. Come on, that's obviously not gameplay and we do all know that there is a bit of a difference between GT's replays and gameplay. The former is always a bit more polished and cinematic, though the gameplay usually doesn't follow too far behind (just on the cinematic side, cause obviously you can't race with those camera angles). I really can't wait for this game though, hell they could take a slight step back in graphics from GT5P and I still wouldn't care, it's the gameplay that attracts me to GT. Physics like no other, such variety in their games. The franchise is a true behemoth amongst racing sims. And no other racing game (sim) will ever even get any play from me as long as the GT franchise continues.

shadow27972959d ago

Too much variety.


PS. If you're going to make the distinction between in game and in engine, then no, none of it was in game. But most, if not all of it, was in engine. Which basically means same car models (and environments) with 16xAA applied to it.

JL2959d ago

Well I'm not trying to take away from the game by making the distinction, I'm just saying. I'm as psyched and impressed by this game as anybody here. This, along with SOCOM, are probably my all-time favorite Playstation franchises. And I know that the video being mostly in-engine means the gameplay itself is also going to look awesome (like how the gameplay in uncharted looks as awesome as the cutscenes. Like I said, I was by NO means trying to dog the game as I'm a HUGE fan. The "not in-game" was just a meager comment in passing that someone latched onto when I was commenting how I, like Thom, didn't know this wasn't pre-rendered.

shadow27972959d ago

Oh I know, that wasn't supposed to be as negative as it sounded Haha. I wasn't slamming you or anything. Most people just use the term "in-game" fairly loosely. My main point was that the only place you'll probably notice it is in the aliasing and probably motion blur too.

Anyway, it's going to look great. I'll be interested to see if another part of the visuals will take a hit because of the inclusion of damage. It seems unlikely that they'll be able to surpass Prolouge and include damage too. It should be interesting.

JL2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

lol ok fair enough. Didn't want it to seem like I was trying to take a dig at the game or anything. I LOVE GT.

You do have a point there with the hit because of damage. Then again I guess they could've always held back on Prologue so it wouldn't outshine the full game (i'd figure they knew they were going to implement damage by then), so I'd probably figure GT5 to look as good as Prologue even with the damage, hell maybe even better (if that's possible lol). But visuals aside, I don't even care if it does take a slight drop in them (though I seriously doubt it), because it's always been the gameplay for me (ok, yea and cause GT looks amazing as well), but always been the gameplay and the sim side of it (physics and whatnot) that really sucked me in. Hell I can remember just spending forever just doing the lil tests to get licenses and enjoying myself. While the nice graphics (and with gt5 the photorealism) is a very nice icing on the cake, it's still the cake that makes me love this franchise with or without the icing.

Syronicus2959d ago

THink logically here. Why would Polyphony Digital spend countless hours rendering in-game vehicles using 200,000 plus polygons only to turn around and produce a pre-rendered video using the same number of poly's? It makes no sense to do that. What does make sense is to show off the video using in-game assets and footage since we already know that the detail of the cars is amazing and the game needs no such pre-rendered foolishness.

marinelife92959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

First time I saw this page with a pic from Prologue. Unbelievable.
First you can see the reflection from the road and the bridge in the headlight. Then you can even see the headlight bulb info.

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cmrbe2959d ago

will be the only racing game you will need. Well almost. I still love my off road racing with Motorstorm.

jBat172959d ago

it's fun as hell.. if you're like speed events

i agree with you,too. Motorstorm: PR is the finest off road racer this gen.. it is also one of the best looking racer out there.. but GT5 looks even better

cmrbe2959d ago

Still havent gotten all the tickets yet, gold ones. The last few festival tickets is vertiually impossible for me to come first but i just love the game. From the start to then end of a race i am on the edge of my seat.

cranium2959d ago

I have about a third of the tickets completed in gold and I'm already finding it hard as hell finishing first in the festival :/
I will probably end up getting the speed pack if I manage to find enough spare change around the house (I'm at $6 so far)

ptotoy2959d ago

just go to time-attack, copy the developers' path and then apply that to your festival race.. even better, download some ghost from the leaderboard and use the paths they take.. you might even find some of my ghosts in the top 50

cmrbe2959d ago

I will never use any guides or anything. I love the challenge.

JL2959d ago

@cmbre i agree with the sentiment: GT5 is the only racing game you need (if it's even possible, this article just made me even more hyped for this game, i don't know why). Though there is one other racing game I will be buying (after i obviously buy gt5), it's no motorstorm though. Not that I have anything against it, just rally racing in GT5 will be enough to whet my "off road" appetite (and at the end, Motorstorm is still racing which I can get my complete fill for from GT5). Ironically enough, I ended up buying the Spiderman Blu-ray bundle when I got my ps3, bypassing the Motorstorm bundle because I had never heard of the game and figured it wasn't anything worthwhile, now I hear all these great opinions of it. but too late now as GT5 is just around the corner and I won't need another racing game after that. Though, like I said, still one other "racing" game I will definitely be getting, and that's ModNation Racers. Because that just looks awesome, and I can't get my "battle racing" fix from GT5. I really can't wait for either one of those (obviously GT5 trumps ModNation though).