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Nathan Fillion on his role in Halo 3: ODST

Nathan Fillion spoke about his voice-acting involvement for the upcoming title Halo 3: ODST where he will be taking on the role of Sgt. Buck.

Fillion has been made a cult phenomenon by playing Malcom Reynolds in the ill-fated Fox series Firefly and its follow-up feature film Serenity. If you haven't seen this show, you need to. (Halo 3: ODST, Xbox 360)

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Sonyslave3  +   2213d ago
Nathan Fillion i hope he land that Green Lantern gig.
RememberThe357  +   2213d ago
Firefly, watch it.
ODST looks freakin sick, now it has become a day one.
Traveler  +   2213d ago
Yeah, Firefly is awesome.

Nathan Fillion is a great actor and voice actor. He did a good job in Jade Empire and Halo 3 and I am sure he is great in Halo 3 ODST. I really hope he gets the role of Nathan Drake in the Uncharted movie.
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   2213d ago
He will allways be Capt Malcolm (Mal) Reynolds to me.
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CobraKai  +   2213d ago
I kinda prefer him as Captain Hammer.
The Lazy One  +   2213d ago
he would have been mal forever...
if it weren't for captain hammer...
FreeMonk  +   2213d ago
He did a great job in Halo 3, so I'm sure he'll be justs a good in Halo ODST.

It's a shame that he doesn't get more acting work though. Firefly was excellent, and Nathan was superb in it.

I hope he gets the part in Uncharted. Or if they are actually going to made a film version of 'King of Kong: Fistfull of Quarters', that he gets the part of Steve Wiebe, because Nathan is a spitting image of Wiebe!
IaMs12  +   2212d ago
Which voice did he do for Halo 3?
Ripyealip  +   2213d ago
i swear this is just an expansion not a full game??? isnt that why they all is HALO3:ODST hint the halo 3 part.
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lloyd_wonder  +   2213d ago
Hope he gets casted in the Uncharted movie.
The Master Chief  +   2213d ago
Looks so awesome. ODST is gonna pwn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

MOAR HALO PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
RememberThe357  +   2213d ago
Don't even get me started.
Some one needs to start up an online petition. lol
F3NIX DX  +   2213d ago
very good actor
pamkhat  +   2212d ago
He is a good actor and it translates well to voice acting.
Girl moment: oh yeah, he's not too bad on the eyes either.
F N A Pepper  +   2212d ago
i'd have to agree with traveler
Killzone2 is better but exactly lets keep fanboyism out of this, halo 3 is great in its own right, just as killzone 2 is, but Fillion is just straight pimp and he's gonna do a phenominal job as he always does.
Good comments people, diggin the positive in this section for sure.
Xi  +   2212d ago
killzone isn't better...

you think killzone is better just like i think halo 3 is better.

but yeah, I'm glad halo ODST is getting some quality treatment with it's voice actors.
IaMs12  +   2212d ago
Then whats the point in making that statement then so and so is better? If there is no point to it then do not say it. This is Halo thread not Killzone. Honestly every thread i go into now has Killzone somewhere in it. It stopped for awhile nows it back like a bad itch.
DevastationEve  +   2212d ago
Killzone wouldn't have an audience if not for Halo. And we'd all we playing Doom and Quake since "Combat Evolved" would've never happened.

Respect the Halo.
YogiBear  +   2212d ago
I completely disagree with you about Halo...but Nathan Fillion is quite good.

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