Gamespot: Demon's Souls Updated Hands-On

Gamespot writes: "Our time with Demon's Souls at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo was much too brief to appreciate the game. Thus, we were pleased to get some hands-on time with this unique action role-playing game, as well as get a demo of how some of the multiplayer features work. Atlus came by to show us how brutal Demon's Souls could be, but that didn't stop us from creating a new character from scratch. This PlayStation 3 exclusive has been out for a while in Asia, and it's been easy to import because some versions have English translations. But Atlus plans on releasing the game in North America in October, with a deluxe edition for those who are patient enough to wait."

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ChozenWoan3120d ago

Give me now, or give me now...

Runs to watch more video coverage at JustinTV!

jBat173120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )

i just noticed how smooth the game is

keysy4203118d ago

motion control will really give this game the edge but i agree the difficulty seems like it would piss me off

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