StarCraft 2 Made the Right Choice – LAN Parties Suck & HD Multiplayer Gameplay Video

StarCraft 2 Made the Right Choice – LAN Parties Suck & HD Multiplayer Gameplay Video. LAN parties are a thing of the past. No one really wants to drag their laptops or desktops around when they can play from the comfort of their own ultimate gaming station in their home close to snacks and everything else you need for a 48 hour gaming marathon. Screaming fast internet speeds are becoming the norm and soon the internet will be the platform for gaming not some networked computers.

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SirSyko3393d ago

I agree with this guy. Screw LAN.

jacaranda3392d ago

Screaming internet speeds? Tell them to the slow internet that I,m having right now. If lan is a thing of the fast, then why there is still games include lan today like Demigod, COD4, COD5, CRYSIS, RA3.

Polluted3392d ago

I rather like LAN play. One time I was skipping school up in the Yukon and it got so cold that my friend and I ducked into one of those LAN cafe places to escape the cold. We paid $5 each to play Quake 2 over the LAN for a couple of hours.

When our time was up we got up to leave and the manager came running out after us and asked us to stay because everyone was having an awesome time fragging. There's something infinitely more satisfying about fragging the guy sitting right next to you than someone thousands of miles away who you'll never see.

Nihilism3392d ago

just because you have no friends to play over LAN with doesn't mean LAN sucks

TheIneffableBob3392d ago

I think Blizzard will add LAN back in, or at least create a version for LAN gaming. There needs to be LAN if Blizzard wants SC2 to be played at LAN parties.

FantasyStar3392d ago

I think the only way we'll get LAN back is if someone hacks it in. Then it's all downhill for Blizzard from there.

theflyingfool3392d ago

that article is a joke right, after all good highspeed isn't avaliable in a lot of the US, and i could be wrong but isn't blizzard a US company?

Catmurderer3392d ago

"LAN Parties are a Thing of The Past"

Do South Korea's competitive gaming uses LAN or the internet for their competitions?

I think that longevity should be taken into account when considering using LAN or not. (I would have a system where you would have to be signed into bnet to play Starcraft 2 but you could use a LAN line if you wanted.)

gamejediben3392d ago

Well phuck you, sir. Phuck you right up your arrogant ass. My internet access goes down CONSTANTLY and I will end up forfeiting matches on because of this. Not having LAN capability in a sequel to a game made famous by LAN is the epic failure of the ages and will be joked about for years to come. IMO, Blizzard lost its common sense when it merged with Activision...

onlinemmo3391d ago

sounds like you need to move somewhere with better internet

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The story is too old to be commented.