DigitalBattle: The Conduit Game Review–It's Like Red Bull, The Game

DigitalBattle writes: "That headline, of course, will require some explanation. If you've ever drank a Red Bull before, especially if you don't do it often, what you get is kind of a sweetish, cloying taste (that for me put me vaguely in mind of chewable vitamins) followed by an incredibly twitchy sensation as the sugar and caffeine goes burning its way merrily through your endocrine system. And, either ironically or by design, this is EXACTLY how I'd describe The Conduit, the newest first person shooter for the Wii.

Basically, The Conduit asks you to believe that all those things you scoffed at as merely tinfoil-hat lunacy, stuff like chemtrails and 9/11 being an inside job and aliens and whatever it is they're doing out at the Denver International Airport, are all in fact very real."

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