Why Wii HD May Arrive Sooner Than We Think

Kris Erickson writes:

"Signs are showing that sales of the Nintendo Wii have begun to plateau and even decline slightly, following its meteoric popularity over the past 3 years. Beginning this March 2009, sales of the Wii console began to dropby as much as 17% when compared with the same period a year previously. Keep in mind that Nintendo is still selling a LOT of Wii consoles, just not as many as it did a year ago. The massive profits that the company has reaped from its Wii and DS machines means that Nintendo is flush with cash that it has been able to pump into an accelerated R&D program for a console that analysts are calling the Wii HD."

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clinker3416d ago

Interesting that Nintendo spent $370 million on R&D in 2007 -- more than the entire Wii research cycle combined. They must have spent that money on somthing good, not just the motion plus peripheral.

ChickeyCantor3416d ago

Vitality sensor =D.

For some reason i heard the -One winged angle- theme in my head when reading the headline.

They could also be doing intensive research to what people actually like in a game. A Wii HD...sure, sounds good...but really? with this popularity?

NOOBKILLA3416d ago

I think the Wii HD is coming, but not until Holiday Season 2010. With Natal predicted to come out around that time, they will need something to take away from its greatness.

Remember, Nintendo has both the DS and DSi on the market at the same time. There is no reason the Wii and Wii HD can’t co-exist either. As long as they have the Wii HD backwards compatible where it can upscaled old Wii games then everything will be ok.

Think of this, Holiday 2010, Wii $149 & Wii HD $249. That would slow the Natal hype down an awful lot.

ZOMBIEMAN13416d ago

that's just stupid especially since DSi doesn't have better graphics than DS so i don't see Wii co existing with unnamed HD nintendo console

LynyrdSkynyrd3416d ago

The wii's sales are slowing down because every person on earth with $250 bought one.

swingingape3414d ago

Can't wait. That's why I don't own a Wii. I needs my HD yo

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DragonWarrior_43416d ago

Yeah, I would love to play the new Metroid in full 720p.

Gen0ne3416d ago

I'm currently playing Okami ( yeah, I know, a little late to the party ) but damn the pretty graphics are really hurt by the resolution. Literally making my eyes tear for at least 10 minutes before they adjust. Metroid Other M better be on the Wii HD. Especially the graphic whores that Team Ninja are, you'd think they'd demand it. I'm demanding it. You've stalled long enough Nintendo. I would not be surprised if the new Zelda launched along side it. I would be more surprised if it didn't.

Britney Spears3416d ago

Not happening,what will be the point just for 720/1080 support? It's still going to look the same just a bit better like ps2 did last gen. Also it's dumb that it doesn't do it now which is sad because even ps2 can do 720/1080i.

MegaPowa3416d ago

they could also slap a new GPU in it

orakga3416d ago

PS2 supporting 720p/1080i??

The absolute maximum resolution supported by the PS2 (and original XBox and Gamecube) is 480p through component cables. So, yeah, the Wii came out 6 years after the PS2, but has the same output capacity as the PS2.

matey3416d ago

m8 480p processes the whole picture but 576i,720i,1080i,scan half the picture eg scans half pic 720 times 480p scans whole pic 480 times so 480p is equivelent to 960i so thats why 480p is better and cleaner in motion

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