PSU: The Punisher: No Mercy Review

PSU writes: "No Mercy feels like a game we've played too many times, even though it's a new title. It offers very little that you can't find in countless other shooters. If Zen Studios can work out the technical glitches with online play, and fix some of the major gameplay issues, No Mercy could become a better game. For now, though, this game is really only attractive to hardcore fans of The Punisher or for people in need of a quick and cheap shooter. After all, the game is only $9.99 USD-but for the most part, it feels like you get ripped off".

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FunAndGun3421d ago

I think its a fun game for $10. the online could be a little more stable though...hopefully a patch will fix that.

sam22363421d ago

LOL, fail article is fail! I'm not defending the game as I haven't played it yet, but giving it a 5/10 just because it's another FPS is ridiculous, imo.

Why don't you give the CoD games a 5/10? How about Halo? Or F.E.A.R.? Or the Battlefield games? They're all FPS games and they're all the same (But have different characters and settings), so why don't you go and give them all a 5/10?