GamesAreEvil: Terminator Salvation Review

GamesAreEvil writes: "If you have reached this line, I must thank you. To think that you might have read or skimmed this article shows you're a firm believer in exploratory journalism or that you're a bulletproof fanboy here to terminate me in the comments section. Either way, I'm just glad its all over. Gameplay itself isn't terrible, were it a $5 game. But its a $60 game and there isn't an excuse in the world that justifies buying it let alone renting it. Remember: Don't think about this game. Ever. Again".

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bgrundman3083d ago

I see red people... Priceless.

Neco5123083d ago

Great review! I love the writing style

roblef3083d ago

This dude can write, yeah.

supercharger51503083d ago

Looks like the game is a lot like the movie. Not really worth it and looks better than it plays.

roblef3083d ago

I wish they could make these games better. I mean, come on. How hard would it be to actually get a dev team together and make a decent game for a movie tie in?

supercharger51503083d ago

One question, in the game, does Bale scream "I'm professional!" at any point? If not, then there's no reason to even think about playing it.


sam22363083d ago (Edited 3083d ago )

LOL, Bale isn't in the game as he's too awesome to lend his likeness, it seems.

*Shoots a T-600* "You want me to trash your lights?!! You want me to trash 'em?!!!"

EDIT: *Looking at the loading screen after dying* No, we won't take a break, let's GO AGAIN!!"

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