New quest available for White Knight Chronicles

Nick @ PS3Center writes:

With the latest PSN update in Japan, a new quest was made available pro bono for White Knight Chronicles.

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FrankFoxJaegar3421d ago

I can't help but think Sony may have sent this game to the firing squad by putting it out the same month FF13 is coming out. I'll still get it, but probably not when I normally would have.

Chris3993421d ago

SE aren't exactly reliable when it comes to release dates. WKC has been relatively finished (coded) for several months now. All they have to do it touch up the online component and localize it.

I'll bet money that WKC releases at least a month earlier than FF XIII - and that's being optimistic.

Lucreto3421d ago

WKC is meant to be out in Janurary. They are improving the online and adding georama to it as well.

jack_burt0n3421d ago

I agree even mid december would give it a chance, but a month b4 ff is insane this year needs more jrpg!!!

Lucreto3421d ago

SE said FF XIII won't be here until April at the earliest so there is plenty of time.

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N4Sony3421d ago

Now if only this game existed in english...

beavis4play3421d ago

i'm definitely getting WKC when it comes out. FF13 doesn't interest me. i didn't like the gameplay or look of the game from what was shown at E3. FFvs13 still interests me, but i'd get WKC first.