Games That Nobody Plays Anymore: Dead Space

You play as Isaac Clarke, some engineer on some ship sent to another ship. A mining ship. The Ishimura. The crew hasn't contacted anyone for over a billion years, so the… space police (??) send in a small crew of engineers and people to check on them. In other words, they do the most cliched thing in the book and send everybody to their doom.

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andron3445d ago

I too play this now and then, haven't got the platinum yet.

It's a pretty new game that still sells and has no online play. So it might not be very visible, but it's probably played by many still...

JEDIaNIN3445d ago

Great game


Christopher3445d ago

It's really not news, just meant to talk in general about the game and likely only done to get some hits since last week's lowering of the price (now available pretty widely for $29.99).

DFogz3445d ago

Picked it up yesterday for 20 at a sale GameCrazy was having and love it so far. But why's everyone complaining about the health being so difficult to restore in the middle of something? Just press square 1, 2, 3 times...however bad you're hurt. I thought it worked pretty well and helped keep the tension high.

andron3444d ago

I played for hours not realizing you could press a button to heal yourself, going into the menu and fiddling about.

I skimmed through the tutorial screens and totally missed that part. So that might be the reason others have trouble with it too...

manwich253444d ago

Dead Space is one of the best games that came out last year. During the Fall games rush, I opted for Dead Space over Gears 2. That article was lame, I have played through the game on each difficulty level.

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