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Beg For Mercy3444d ago

i though MS dosent use the "XBOX LIVE" ANYMORE IT JUST SAYS "LIVE"

Johnny Cullen3444d ago

How can it be fake when it comes from Rob Bowling of Infinity Ward? FFS!

Sarcasm3444d ago

It does have that fake photoshop look to it.

But if it's real, then "Forza 3 is the definitive racer this generation!"

Too much smoke blown everywhere.

JustinSaneV23444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

Fake? Do you know not who Robert Bowling is? He is the Community Relations Manager for Infinity Ward. These are not fake.

shingo3444d ago

How hot does that boxart look? SOOO HOT!!!! Probably one of the best looking boxarts I've seen this generation.

Sarcasm3444d ago

I'm not disputing the source, I'm just saying it has that fake photoshop look to it.

Tito Jackson3444d ago

they faked it on purpose.....maybe.

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JonnyBigBoss3444d ago

I don't see why they would drop it in the first place.

mrv3213444d ago

They dropped it because they are whores... Activision are whores.

Here's how it went down

They made COD 4 which due to luck was very popular online despite a dreadful online service, then they asked Treyarch to add a shell to their game and release it for full price... the result being COD 5 [email protected] but that game was worse then COD 4 so Infinity Ward felt it best to DROP the COD so they could whore out again.

Also it's Activision, they don't make games unless it has a good chance of being a sequel so they usually release games year after BLOODY year for high prices while being complete whores and everythnig gamers should hate. So they release a new COD every game, and now people are starting to realise that Activision might be just re-releasing the same game and so they MIGHT not want to pay. By changing the name people think otherwise.

So in short ACTIVISION are whores and should be treated like ones, they do not deserve their place in the community or gaming. I support their employes but not the code of Activision.

YogiBear3444d ago

Though I disagree with you on COD4 being a bad game I'm giving you a bubble because Activision are rather whorish in their business dealings. Plus, it was a funny rant and I thought COD5 was a rip off.

mrv3213444d ago

Thank you, I'm not saying COD 4 is a bad game it's insanely fun I've put 16 days into it but it's built poorly... problem include

Host Ended Game
Poor Party System
No Clan System what so ever
Error 33

These are all too common, and I know it's a rant but if you have read the stuff about Activision as me you'd know that wasn't a rant. Just look at stuff like

Activision suing double fine
Activision having a go at sony for the PS3 costing too much while Realising GH 5 for £70 and releasing DJ hero for £120 and releasing COD 6 for £55 which is too much.
Activision acting like boss but in two years they'll come back... trust me on this the milk will run dry.

HungPHAT3444d ago

Either way I'm buying it Day 1

Theodore873444d ago

We can tell from ur avatar!!

ZombieNinjaPanda3444d ago

Read the comments.

It's not the "final" box art. But it's a version of it.

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