GameZone: Top 10 Games of E3 2009 (Afterthoughts)

GameZone writes: "For us journalists, E3 is a bittersweet event, filled with sleepless nights, early mornings, and tons of walking through the hallowed halls of the LA Convention Center. Fortunately, we get to look at some truly awesome games. So this year's E3 has come and gone, and hot on the heels of my previous Top 10 anticipated games for the show, I take a look at the Top 10 games that really dazzled me at this year's event:"

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Natsu X FairyTail3449d ago

n.2 Alan wake and n.1 Scribblenauts


4pocalyps33449d ago

i think people forgot that games is what gamers were expecting to get at e3. i don't give two sh!ts about motion control.

just read article and wtf? god of war 7th? and imho i think uncharted shudda bin number 1...or 2 at least.

callahan093449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

I'd remove Alan Wake and put on Splinter Cell. Splinter Cell looked mind-blowingly fun while I thought Alan Wake looked boring and a little too much like Alone in the Dark. I mean, Alan Wake doesn't look that boring to me, I even enjoyed Alone in the Dark despite its flaws, but it was just so slow-paced and had that same familiar action/horror vibe we've been seeing a lot lately with Resident Evil, Dead Space, Silent Hill, Siren, Alone in the Dark, etc. etc. etc. It just didn't impress me, personally. Splinter Cell, Uncharted 2, God of War 3, Mass Effect 2, were all very impressive to me.

Xi3449d ago

but with uncharted 2. I was not impressed at all. I also think they should've added forza 3.