Command & Conquer 3 demo now on marketplace

A demo of Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars is now available on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

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DrRage774253d ago

i can't wait to play this demo!! hopefully it is as good as advertised. if it is, this game could start to pull some of those pc enthusiasts to the console.

thatdude4253d ago

1 RTS game with no keyboard and mouse support is gonna "pull some of those pc enthusiasts to the console"

does it have keyboard and mouse support?

Rooted_Dust4253d ago

You do realize that this is already on PC and I wouldn't play it any other way.

DrRage774253d ago

yes, i do realize, but we are talking about CONSOLES. i don't care what games are avialable on the pc anymore, i have switched over to console gaming, as have millions, and so that is where i look for games now. my 360 has turned into what my pc USED to do. i use it to listen to music, watch slideshows of pictures, play games and watch movies. the only thing i use my pc for is web browsing and to record tv...and soon the 360 will be able to record tv shows.

i know there are die-hard pc users that only play games on the pc, or certain games on the pc, but i now find that gaming on a console is ten times better because i can invite by buddies over, we can grab controllers and play the same game, on the same screen, and online. pc gaming is really meant for individuals (i mean that you can't invite buddies to your house and play multiplayer games at the same time the way you can with a gaming console)

Rooted_Dust4253d ago

Yes, consoles are suited to the sit down with a few friends and play type, but games such as FPS, RPG, RTS are not suited to the small group multiplayer game type. What is 1on1 with someone compared to 30on30 over the internet. You gave up PC gaming for console gaming which is your choice, but most PC enthusiasts will never give up PC gaming, so having an Xbox360 and a gaming PC in my view is a bit redundant, since most of the "system seller" games are on or will come to PC anyway. RTS's I believe are one of the least compatible games for consoles, because of the extensive interface and click-drag work. In the end, to each his own, but I don't think this game is going to convert to many PC gamers, when it's available and runs great on any mid-high range PC.

THAMMER14253d ago (Edited 4253d ago )

People said the same thing about 1st person shooters too. It was only 40 years ago we had segregated water fountains too. Variety is good BRO. PC's are nice for allot of reasons but you opinion is not what make this right for PC only it is just what makes you comfortable. I would not dare PHUCk with your swager but man see it for what it is and do not put extra $#!t in the mix.

JsonHenry4253d ago

I am a HUGE RTS (especially the CnC series) FREAK!!!

But there is NO WAY in hell I am going to play Command and Conquer WITHOUT a keyboard and mouse. It might not be too bad for those that have never played with a keyboard and mouse before- but for those of us that have it is just too DAMNED frustrating to try and play with a controller.

BIGBAER4253d ago

I too have switched from pc gaming to console. Previously, I would divide my gaming time between the both. Gradually, console gaming got more and more play.

After I got my 360 (launch day 11/22/05), I started gaming far less on my pc. Now I don't use it for gaming at all. What I find amusing is the argument presented by some as a negative: that a number of 360 games are also available for pc. I see this as a plus --- a big PLUS! As now I have the option to play these games on my 360.

I'll take console gaming anyday over pc gaming. For me, it is an easy choice. Owning a 360 only makes my choices easier. In fact, they get easier all the time.

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killasssj4084253d ago

what a great 420 its going to be thank u Microsoft stay high :)

jib4253d ago

is this multiplayer?

Dukester1014253d ago

yeah, the demo is supposed to have multiplayer support (from what i've read anyway)

DrRage774253d ago

multiplayer on the demo?? that is going to rock if that is true! the last game that had an online demo that completely changed my mind to buy it was Lost Planet. up til i donwloads the online demo, i thought it might be an ok game, then the online demo came and bam! great game!

kewlkat0074253d ago

know how it works with the Xbox360, controls and all.

Waiting for my Elite, so I'm @ssed out.

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The story is too old to be commented.