GameZone: Top 10 Sequels that Greatly Outshined their Predecessors

GameZone writes: "While it's true that the videogame industry has come down with a pretty ferocious case of sequelitis, there are a few games that have come out over the years that show that just because a title is a sequel, that doesn't mean that it can revolutionize gaming in some pretty incredible ways. Here's a list of some sequels that outshined their predecessors by a huge degree:"

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Deathmammoth3447d ago (Edited 3447d ago )

Twisted Metal 2 was improved in almost every way compared to Twisted Metal 1. GOTTA LOVE TWISTED METAL!

PirateThom3447d ago

Half-Life 2.

Not that Half-Life was a bad game, but damn, Half-Life 2...