Football MMO Coming In 2008, Wives Wary

Kotaku reports that most Europeans (and some Americans) will know all about Football Manager. How it changes lives. Destroys marriages. Consumes worlds. Hardcore stat-juggling combined with fantasy football is about as perfect as a game comes for a lot of people. Least, it was. Until developers Sports Interactive decided to take the game online and make an "MMO" Football Manager.

Football Manager Live is due for release in spring 2008, with a beta test set to launch in May 2007. To find out more about participating in the test and to receive updates on Football Manager Live visit the official websites at or

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BrotherSic4260d ago

probably the greatest yet scariest news of the year so far!

I have been a huge fan of CM and then FM in the last few years so this could be amazing.

It could also consume your life and ruin everything you have been working for!

Will definitely checking out the beta next month