5 of the Most Hated Games From Top Franchises

JoystickDivision writes: "Mistakes are easy to come by when you're the owner of a popular video game franchise. The sheer number of sales Mario's face can wield would drive weak men to make greedy and stupid decisions. Changing a game's iconic style or selling the rights out the other companies also have their consequences. It may not hurt the gamers overall feeling toward the brand, but I'm sure Miyamoto gives himself a facepalm every time someone mentions "Hotel Mario".

*Disclaimer: the following games may not all necessarily be "bad" by your standards, they are simply games from popular franchises that many people have expressed hate towards, some caused by sheer frustration (mainly in the cases of Zelda II and Mega Man X7)."

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markfrost3328d ago

Not the slow-down boots! Anything but the slow-down boots!!!

Chrisny853328d ago

I liked Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

ttlFantastic3328d ago

I liked Zelda II as well, but it was frustrating.

chrisjc3328d ago

Haha poor Sonic. He could be in the entire top 5.

Overmind4203328d ago

Yeah, I agree. But in the greater context of mega franchises, Mario Hotel was a dud that Nintentdo would rather not remember.

Gen0ne3328d ago

I maybe got 15 minutes into it and was done. Tried it again on my VC and hated it all over again. Which sucks, 'cause I've heard people say it's great. I just can't find the great in it. Dammit, I tried.

Cajun Chicken3328d ago

I thought Survivor was great! Saying that, I couldn't stand the previous Resi games, just being given a gun and shoot was much better for me.

YogiBear3328d ago

Mine would have to be Resident Evil 5. What makes it worse is that it is the best selling Resident Evil ever.

1111113326d ago

...any resi after zero :/

1111113326d ago

...any sonic after megadrive.